Preston Blair

Draw The Line by Preston Blair.

Preston Blair was an American character animator, most noted for his work at Walt Disney Productions and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animation department.

He is most noted, however, as an author of animation instructional books for Walter Foster Publishing. (Read more)


Adult comic. Roger betrays his powerful wife and, for revenge, she forcibly feminises him and then treats s/he very cruelly! Over 75 pages, fully illustrated in colour.


Trixie – Available now for instant download after purchase.


Sunday: 1 of 6

Barry Blair and Colin Chan.

 A cartoon strap-on moment for Strap-On Saturday by Barry Blair & Colin Chan. Such a sad story about Blair and we should not treat doctors as knowing everything. They also make mistakes.

Barry Blair was a Canadian comics publisher, artist and writer, known for launching Aircel Comics. His erotica was typically characterized by childlike figures with sexual attributes. This piece was created by Blair and his partner Colin Walbridge (Chan). Blair died in January  2010 of a brain aneurysm which had been misdiagnosed as an ear infection  & was survived by his mother, sister, brother, and his partner Colin Walbridge