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Femdom blackmail cartoon by Franky
Perhaps it should be Franky B49?


Sofi Ryan with evidence!
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‘There you are, darling,’ Lily chuckled, looking down at me.

There were times when I considered that Lily had missed her calling and that she could have been a fine actress.

Somehow, my wife managed to sound surprised to find me kneeling on the floor of our bedroom. Not just kneeling in a position where one may look for something in a low cupboard. No, I was kneeling with my forehead placed firmly on the floor and my arms outstretched in a supplicatory manner.

Just as Lily had suggested so, in reality, there was no surprise.

Lily enjoyed pretending that I did the humiliating things of my own volition, that I knelt on the floor for my own amusement!

When, of course, the reverse was true.

Lily suggested that I do things and I had no choice but to obey.

As she smiled down at me, my captured cock winced within the chastity belt at the sight of her. Continue reading

Preview of Erotic Episodes

The collection of short stories, Erotic Episodes.

Following is a brief synopsis of each story within the collection, followed by the first dialogue for each story.

Erotic Episodes contains the following stories: Biological Urges, Wanting, A Script for Wednesday, Acceptance, Due Respect, Maid, The Visit, Bruised, Aching and Melody. (More) Continue reading

The Mistress Next Door: Greta Plays!

Now published!
Chris’s subjugation by the cunning and manipulative Greta continues. Life is totally out of control for Chris now and his wife, Mona, seems to enjoy his new position as much as Greta! No sympathy for Chris at all! And Greta’s internet plans continue!

(14, 721 words)
The Mistress Next Door: Greta Plays!

The Mistress Next Door: Blackmailed by Greta!

Part 3 of the Mistress Next Door Series.
Chris is now well and truly under Greta’s control!
How can he escape her clutches?
And why does he become aroused at some of the humiliating things Greta makes him do?
And why is Mona changing?

PDF Previews

The following Previews are available as PDF files  and can be downloaded from the Preview Page.

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The Chaste Cuckold (F/m)
Mirror, Mirror (F/m)
Owned by Stacey (F/f)
Lingerie Drone (F/m)
Shame (F/f)
Natural Selection (F/m)
The Humiliation of Claudia (F/f)
A Little Spice (F/m)
Elizabeth Grey (TG)
The Dickson Device (F/m)
Kryztal (M/f)
Toys in the Attic (F/m)
Cruel Ryoko (F/m)
The Maya Twins (F/m)
The Loving Mistress (F/m)
The Star Society (F/m)