Vintage BDSM

Jacques Biederer, who began his career in 1913, in Paris, started with G-rated portraits and continued with more sensual themes, like nude ladies or couples during an erotic activity, using a regular outdoors spot or a carefully arranged set as his background.
He moved into fetish photography, which involved some scandalous poses, from the innocent practice of corseting to whips and domination.
Biederer was captured when the Nazis occupied France during World War II’. He died in Auschwitz.

A Dangerous Mind

Jacques Biederer began his Parisian career in 1913 with G-rated portraiture, but soon moved on to more prurient subject matter. Finally, he moved into fetish photography—whips, domination, corseting, pony play— always shot with an artistic eye.

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Photographer Jacques Biederer.