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James Bertoni. Bertoni has various bondage/fetish sites including movies. Always stylish in his approach.



James Bertoni

James Bertoni

Wednesday: James Bertoni

James Bertoni.

Monday: 6 of 6

Monday: 1 of 6

Perhaps I should have kept this for a future fetish fashion Friday
but it is quite good so found it hard to resist.
James Bertoni is another good fetish photographer/video artist
who makes sure most of the little things in shot are right.

Tuesday: 1 of 6

Stylish fetish photography from James Bertoni.

The Code Fetish site by James Bertoni is vibrant, erotic, pornographic sometimes and supremely sexy in various ways on so many levels. The films are well designed and shot in HD. Some of them are definitely not my cup of tea but the girls are gorgeous. These two have their kinky latex and leather gear.