Vintage Erotica

Photograph by pioneer fetish photographer Elmer Batters.

Vintage Leg Fetish

Elmer Batters
As a foot-fetish pioneer starting in the 1950s, Batters helped make this formerly closeted field of sexual interest more acceptable. Near the end of his life, Batters was rediscovered by German publisher Benedikt Taschen who produced three books of his work.
Batters’ military career is mentioned briefly in the out-of-print nonfiction book The Lonely Sky by test pilot William Bridgeman. This book tells the story of the U.S. Navy’s experimental Skyrocket supersonic plane program of the 1950s.

Stocking Tease

Elmer Batters
Vintage photographs are so helpful in gaining an understanding of the era in which the photos were taken. For example, I didn’t know women in the 1960’s wore stockings and took their shoes off when cleaning ovens! Wonder what men did when they cleaned?

Vintage Stocking Fetish


Fetish Photographer

Vintage Foot Fetish

Leg Fetish

Vintage Foot Fetish

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