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Maxime Ballesteros

Photographer Maxime Ballesteros.

Friday: 3 of 6

Jen and Vanessa by Maxime Ballesteros.

Tuesday: 6 of 6

Maxime Ballesteros The Nylon Trap (Berlin 2013).

Monday: 3 of 6

Ana and Ameena(2012) photographed by Maxime Ballesteros.

Saturday: 2 of 6

At the cemetery Berlin 2012 by Maxime Ballesteros.

Friday: 5 of 6

Monday: 1 of 6

Maxime Ballesteros

Tuesday: 2 of 6

Trou Noir, Berlin.
Maxime Ballesteros photographs often feature high heels, stockings, leather & tattoos with fashion elements, but beyond fashion.