Feminisation Art

Bruce Baker


More forced feminisation femdom art by Bruce Baker

Chaste She-Male

Forced femme femdom art by Bruce Baker

Chaste Sissy

Forced femme art by Bruce Baker

Boys Will be Girls: Bruce Baker

Forced Femme art from Bruce Baker.

Contributed by Suburbansub.

Friday: Bruce Baker

More forced feminisation art from Bruce Baker. Found by Suburbansub.

Friday: 1 of 6

Bruce Baker – forced femme art, contributed by Suburbansub.

Baker focuses on submissive men feminized by dominant women and turned into sexually objectified she-males. There are collections of his art available and lot of examples posted on this blog.

Sunday 6 of 6

Another contribution from Suburbansub.

Wednesday: 1 of 6

Forced Femme art of Brue Baker – found by Suburbansub.