Saturday: 3 of 6

Dita Von Teese and Alley Baggett, think photographed by Sean McCall and at least 16 years old.
Still nice.

Monday: 3 of 6

Alley Bagget prefers natural in many ways these days as she has had breast reduction surgery to revert to her natural size!

By the way, there is a Photoshop fake of this picture circulating on the web with Sarah Palin’s head instead of Ms Baggets. I don’t know if American  viewers would find that more erotic or not.

So Sexy!

Dita Von Teese with Alley Baggett – corset to die for, sexy nip to nip tease, curvy girl bottom, spunky gelled hair, suave pin-striped suit and hungry eyes! Sigh! So nice!