Inspiration for a Book

Am often asked where do I get inspiration from for many of my books.

It is an interesting question and inspiration comes in many forms.

For example, the idea for Avenging Annie came from a song (Avenging Annie by Andy Pratt), which I mention in the book.  That song is now on Youtube and it’s nice to see my book is mentioned in the written introduction/explanation for the song. (You will have to go onto Youtube to see the explanation and history of the song from Andy.)

Avenging Annie


We ran through hills and forest
As two under a spell
He was a city boy Floyd the outlaw
And I thought I knew him well.
Long after that great summer
When I first came into my fame
And ‘the avenger from Oklahoma’
Was added to my name
The avenger I became
Avenging Annie (Andy Pratt)


Hamilton Jones looked at the old man distastefully and then discreetly held his spotted handkerchief to his nose. The thick smoke from the long pipe the old man insisted on smoking was making the journalists eyes water and his weak sinuses ache.

As soon as he had walked in the room, the old man had lit the pipe, endured a long coughing fit and then stubbornly sucked on the pipe again.

I have to get this over with as soon as I can, Hamilton thought, I can’t bear this smoke!

The last place Hamilton wanted to be that day, was in this hospital to interview a relic from the last century!

His editor, Thomas Greeley, had been adamant and Hamilton had endured the long trip to the next state in search of a story of the previous century.

‘It’ll be a good yarn, Jones,’ the editor had boomed. ‘A lot of folk are interested in tales of the old west. It wasn’t that long ago that outlaws ran wild over this territory and if this fellah is really Baldwin, he’ll be able to spin some real yarns!’ Continue reading