All at Sea

Cruel Cartoon

Read Carmenica’s Interview with Augustine.

Penthouse Pets

Avril Lund, Penthouse Pet of the Month, March 1973, Photo by Bob Guccione.

Barbie Lewis, Penthouse Pet of the Month, July 1974. Photo by Joe Brooks

Carole Augustine, Penthouse Pet of the Month, February 1972


Femdom Cartoon


Saturday: Augustine

More diabolical bondage art from Augustine.

“As to my name, I’d love to say I chose “Augustine” as a homage to the fourth century saint who struggled with temptation and a regular re-surfacing of his darker side. That would be somewhat appropriate. The truth, however, is that Augustine is my actual (middle) name, referencing the town in which I was born. Kind of anti-climactic I know, so if the psycho-historical allusion is more fun…so be it!” (Read Carmenica’s interview with Augustine)

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Friday: 4 of 6

Femdom art by Augustine.
Have noticed Augustine is dabbling in Femdom F/f! Lovely! More, please, Gus!