Tuesday: 4 of 6

Thanks to Frank, we now know this is Lady Asmodena.

Monday: 4 of 6

Lady Asmondena

Monday: 1 of 6

German Dominatrix, Lady Asmondena has some stylish photographs. I approve.

Sleepy Sunday: 2 of 6

Usually, I don’t knowingly post pictures of professional dominatrix but this one involves a story of stupidity so here it is.
The woman is Lady Asmondena and, apparently, lives somewhere in Germany. By the way, that has nothing to do with the story and she is probably a very nice person.
This picture was sent to me from various sources but on one occasion the email with the picture attached, pointed out that the woman in the picture was me!
This is not the first time I have been accused of being something or someone I’m not. Usually, I just let it be. If people want to believe rubbish, why try to stop them?
I must have been feeling kind as I replied, telling the person it wasn’t me!
That would be the end of the story (I stupidly thought) but he replied and said he didn’t believe me, that it was clearly me as my blog is set on Berlin time! (Clearly, he has read every page of this blog! That’s either very nice or creepy! Haven’t decided which it is yet.)
Deciding not to explain the European time zones and how Berlin was at the top of the alphabetical cities in my zone at the time and was a random choice, I assured him it was not me.
He replied that I was lying, that he had evidence!
I deleted his email.
Some people…
PS: The related post (not me either) relates to boots, not stupidity!