X-Ray Specs!

Alain Aslan
A product of the times in which this was created but still, from a female point of view, creepy!
If those x-ray specs were real, some men would use them, just like they use cameras & mobile phones on trains and dressing rooms to invade the privacy of women.

Erotic Art

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Erotic Art

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Alain Aslan.

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Alain Aslan was a French painter, sculptor and pin-up artist.
He is mostly famous in France for his pin ups. He contributed to Lui from the creation of the magazine in 1964 to the early eighties, providing a monthly pin up.
He is the sculptor of the Fifth Republic Marianne as Brigitte Bardot in 1970, followed by the Mireille Mathieu Marianne.
He died in Canada in 2014.

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