Fantasy Art

Xarcturus with the voluptuous redhead Aileen again.

Helpless Slave

Storax (fetish3d)

The Lady

Lady on the Beach by American artist Jamie Adams.
I love this painting. In my mind, this painting creates so many possible stories. And, of course, raises questions. What is she thinking? Is she attracted to one of the women? Is that why she’s toying with her bikini bottoms? Who is lying so close to her? As I said, a wonderful painting.

Femdom Punishment Art

I’ve racked my brains trying to identify this artist but failed. Can anyone help?

Fairy Fantasy

Pink fairy footstool by kirgen71

Shoe Heaven

Look at that! A closet just for shoes! And the occasional male subby as well but that storage for shoes! So envious!
BTW, I don’t know the origin of this. Perhaps, you can assist?

Roller Shoes

Keith Birdsong is known best for illustrating covers of Star Trek novels, usually depicting the various actors of the Star Trek television series and movies in a realistic manner.

Strap-On Art

Looks like she spanked him first and he enjoyed it. Now the main course! Afraid I could not read the tiny signature. Anyone know who the artist is?

Femdom Comic

From EgoS & S by Parabola