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Bernard Montorgeuil
Not much is known about Montorgeuil. His name is probably not real and, perhaps, taken from Rue Montorgueil, a trendy street in the 2nd arrondissement (in the Châtelet-Les Halles district) of Paris.
There was no doubt he was a gifted French illustrator who specialized in depictions or female sadism and male masochism and submission.
The women Montorgueil drew are convincingly cruel and controlling. Their expressions suggest desires that would be fearful when fully realised.
His art is elegant, accomplished and technically satisfying.
Montorgueil also produced a series of illustrations showing a Master subjugating and using for his pleasure a feminised male.

Worship Wednesday

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Origin Unknown

Forced Worship

I think someone had an unintentional scan error.
Even so, wonderful femdom art by Juan Puyal
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French artist Claude Lamotte



Castration Tease

Vintage BDSM

Illustration for Mlle Cinglade (1936) by Marilac (Mario Laboccetta)