Bettina Rheims

Bettina says that she has been inspired by Diane Arbus and Helmut Newton as well as by the work of early painters.

She has worked on advertising campaigns for fashion and big brands, such as Chanel and Lancôme, as well as taking portraits of famous women for international magazines.

Among her most famous portraits are Madonna, Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, Carole Bouquet, Marianne Faithfull, Kylie Minogue, Claudia Schiffer, Asia Argento and others.

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Photograph by Amy Arbus in Village Voice, 1981. “Lesbian Couple” East Village, NYC.

Tippi Hedren in Marnie, 1964.

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Iconic photograph from the master, Richard Avedon. Gorgeous Nadja Auermann
with her bony friend.
The spectacularly decadent photos of the Mr and Mrs Comfort editorial
photographed and created for  The New Yorker by Richard Avedon,
in collaboration with Doon Arbus with Nadja Auermann, were  featured in
the Nov 6, 1995 issue.
You can read what you like into this modern fable but there are  many theories
that Avedon was  saying goodbye to fashion and, perhaps, something else.