Friday: 6 of 6

The Librarian by Horacio Altuna.

Altuna was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He began working in the comics world in 1965 for the publisher Editorial Columbia. His first characters were Titan, a Superman-like superhero. (Read more)

Sunday: 1 of 6

It seems motorcycle riders are easily distracted.

Monday: 1 of 6

Tuesday: 5 of 6

More sly humour from Horacio Altuna.

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

Horacio Altuna from Voyeur.

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

A little fun from Horacio Altuna!
If you haven’t seen the comic, she’s tending bar on a rather hot day and things,
as they usually do in an Altuna comic, become a little hotter.

 They are tuning up for Auld Lang Syne! Horacio Altuna has fun with his subjects! Adore his work.

 Talk about peer pressure! Horacio Altuna has a brilliant sense of humour in his work as well as cramming much detail into each frame. You can look at this one frame for many minutes, drinking in all the detail and sly humour e.g. the smelly shoes on the windowsill!