Friday: 6 of 6

The Librarian by Horacio Altuna.

Altuna was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He began working in the comics world in 1965 for the publisher Editorial Columbia. His first characters were Titan, a Superman-like superhero. (Read more)

Sunday: 1 of 6

It seems motorcycle riders are easily distracted.

Monday: 1 of 6

Tuesday: 5 of 6

More sly humour from Horacio Altuna.

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

Horacio Altuna from Voyeur.

Worship Wednesday: 2 of 6

A little fun from Horacio Altuna!
If you haven’t seen the comic, she’s tending bar on a rather hot day and things,
as they usually do in an Altuna comic, become a little hotter.

 They are tuning up for Auld Lang Syne! Horacio Altuna has fun with his subjects! Adore his work.