A Different Marriage

What happens to a loving relationship when the wife agrees to dominate her submissive husband?
The games are over as Sandra decides to give Tim what he really wants, what he really needs!
No safe words! No limits! Total obedience, complete submission!
Tim surrenders everything and Sandra takes what she wants!
A slow moving story in 14 volumes.

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Bookshop News: Future Releases

Well, it is here soon.

The final book in the lengthy and very popular A Different Marriage series, July/August, will be released next month.

After two years, it already seems a little strange not writing about the lives of the four characters. There will be some who will be disappointed in the ending but I make no excuses.

The emails after the last volume will make interesting reading, perhaps.


Have received a great deal of correspondence regarding the ongoing fantasy/TG/Magik series, Tales of Aswin. This is also interesting as it seems most of the downloads have been through iBooks and other E-book distributors.

These books are meant to be read as episodes in a TV series and, even though I have never revealed that publicly, many of the readers have seen that. I have very intelligent and discerning readers, yes?

Episode 10 will be released next month. Episode 11 has just been completed. This series could go on for some time but am wondering whether it should end soon. Thoughts?

Oh, almost forgot. There is a new FemDom series underway. Entitled Procurement, this is a series with many characters and, I hope, entertaining twists and turns in the plot.

As always, feedback welcome.

BookShop News

Next Volume to be the Final Book!

Am working on the volume July, the fourteenth volume in the A Different Marriage series. It does appear that this volume will be the final book in this series.

The plot has overtaken any chance to extend the series to another book after this one.

It will be a little sad to finish this series which began its life in 2008. That is a long time to be focused on fictional characters.

For all those readers that have been loyal to this series, the final book will be released at a lower price.

At this stage, hope to have the book published in the last weeks of July (which would be fitting) or in August.

A Different Marriage – June

Now Available.

Things are not going so well for both Tim and Sandra, although Matt is enjoying the renovation process. Things come to a head as June finally ends. (22,048 words)

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A Different Marriage – May Published!

The twelfth volume in the popular A Different Marriage series is now available! Sandra, Tim and Matt are living in the Italian house where some changes are occurring. Edelina and Brigitte face some small changes as well. (24, 357 words €9.10)

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This series is nearing the end with just a few months to go.
There is a discount for subscribers to the newsletter. Check your email for the discount code. There is also a discount for volumes 10, 11 and 12.

The latest instalment, (Book 11), in the very popular series A Different Marriage is now available!

A Different Marriage – April continues the increasingly complicated tale of Sandra and Tim as they explore their year of Tim’s submission.

Sandra enjoys the cuckolding and the relationship takes another turn while Edelina and Brigitte discover new facets of their relationship!

For a brief overview of the entire series go here.

For a preview of book one, go here.

A Different Marriage – April
Available now for download.

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A Different Marriage

There have been many requests for more information regarding the Female domination series, A Different Marriage.

There is a preview, of course, but it probably does not reveal all the intricacies of what is essentially a slow moving description of a marriage as the participants move through their BDSM journey.

Tim and Sandra have been married for some time. Sandra has a daughter, Carol, from her previous marriage to Judd, an artist. Carol is married and lives overseas. Sandra, who is a very successful and wealthy business woman is amazed by Tim’s confession of his submissive needs.

She decides to learn as much as she can about D/s and invites Tim to submit to her for an experimental period of one month! During this initial period, Tim and Sandra learn a great deal about themselves and their own needs. (The first 3 volumes cover this period)

The month is, as we discover, really the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading

A Different Marriage – March

The next volume in this popular series, A Different Marriage  is now available!

Tim faces his greatest challenge as Sandra, who wants some changes, approaches her different life with gusto!
Finally, she does what she wants for herself and does not worry about the consequences! (28,514 words)



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News & Gossip

Have been away so thought a quick update might be the thing.

Firstly, the www.carmenicadiaz.com address has now been permanently transferred to www.carmenicadiaz.net. The Dot Com address should take you to the front page of Dot Net.

However, if you bookmarked www.carmenicadiaz.com/blog, your bookmark will fail. Might be an idea to check and update your bookmarks.

As far as writing is concerned, my editor has just returned the first draft of “A Different Marriage – March” so that will be published very soon. Have received many emails re this next book so know many are looking forward to it.

Have also begun a new series entitled “New Rome”. The first volume in this book has been finished and will be sent to the editors when I find the energy. 🙂

Recently, I was interviewed for an alternative radio program when I visited another city. It wasn’t much of an interview, hardly in-depth but have roughly translated it if you are interested in seeing it. It does answer some questions people have written to me about.

If there is interest, will post the script/transcription (whatever you call it)  🙂

Please let me know if there is interest to read this.