Bookshop News: Delicate Situation

Ms Bergman, Organza and Mai Lin are back in a another female domination tale!
The husband of a woman who shops at Bergmans, visits Ms Bergman with a proposition and a rather delicate situation.
Can Ms Bergman help?
Keywords: Bondage, humiliation, female domination, chastity, puppy, exhibitionism, extreme.
(25,129 words €8.00) To purchase and download e-book, go to the bookshop.

(If you have not read A Delicate Balance, go here.)


BookShop News: A Delicate Balance


A Delicate Balance was begun in 2008 and sections published over a few years but the entire story was not completed until now.

Not only completed but also revised.

Published in two parts, the first part (13,936 words) is FREE so no need for a synopsis, the second part (29,789 words)  is €8.00.

Download here.


Finally finished A Delicate Balance! It will be published soon after 5 years! Yes, it has been revised and completed! Out soon!

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