3D Femdom Art

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Interview with FemDom Artist CEVINEX

Lobojack recommended the work of 7EVINEX (sometimes referred to as Cevinex) and also arranged for me to contact this new artist with the possibility of an interview.

I have never interviewed a 3D artist before so I was enthusiastic about talking to 7EVINEX.

1. I always like to discover a little of the background of the artist as a beginning to our discussion. Tell us a little about 7EVINEX.
Though I moved from there years ago, I was born and raised, for the most part, in Southern California, USA, in a large family of more than a few members with artistic aspirations. My very first, furtive attempts at art were FemDom BDSM themes, and my aspiration to improve upon my skills and techniques have rarely waned since. Continue reading