Vicious Femdom

Ash Hollywood & Lance Hart video. I think this site has connections with Femdom Empire


Origin unknown.


He has a big hole in his tights! Source: Strap-On Jane

Good Girl Secret

I can’t be sure but I believe this is by the artist Voloh.

Sofa Time

Origin unknown. I think guest will avoid sitting on that sofa from now on!

British Gentleman

See more of Mistress Susi here!



Strap-On Smile

Origin of the photo is unknown but I always try to see if there are clues as to the location.
And is there someone in the bed?

Mean Mistresses

I would love to assist in the production of femdom videos & photographs. An opportunity to smash the clichΓ©s! A good stylist can change the entire ambience of a shoot and, as well, tell a realistic story! I have missed my calling! πŸ™‚
Still, fashion is certainly more financially rewarding! πŸ˜‰
Source: Mean Girls

Femdom Art

Not sure if the artist name is Harry Cole, or Harry Coke or … help?