What’s New

August: Back from a week summer fun with an idea for an extreme Femdom eBook. More news on this later!

July: A week in the sun!

July: New femdom book The Second Husband

July: Nearly finished new Femdom eBook titled The Second Husband. It is one of those stories that doesn’t want to end. The characters have more to do! 🙂
Maybe a sequel if the book is received well.

July: Added eBookshop discount page. Shows discount applicable for the month (if any) & the discount for bulk bundles. See the discount & bundles.

July: Added a link to free stories written by Carmenica. Read the stories.

July: Added an alphabetical list of all books to the eBookshop. Here

July: Added more free content to the Free Downloads

July: Hopefully all changes to the blog will be completed by August.

June: Added list of Best Selling eBooks. Here

June: eBookshop divided into defined categories. Overview