Femdom Slavery Stories

Complete surrender to a dominant woman!

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He had hit rock bottom and was deeply in debt!
He knew he had only one thing left to sell – himself!
Unfortunately for him, the only person that would even consider purchasing him was his ex-wife!






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Modern Slavery

In our safe, normal Western world, all is not how it seems!
Slavery exists! As Aaron discovers, the arrogant and cruel Ms Van Horn makes a very nice living from trading slaves and offering specialist services to a wealthy and very discreet clientele.
This was a long series of 12 e-books following Aaron’s descent into slavery but is now combined in one complete novel.
Slow moving and, sometimes, confronting, until the surprising ending.
Originally published in 2008/2009 over 12 volumes. Now, revised and complete in one e-book!




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It was toward the end of the 21st Century that global warming had a huge impact on the restructuring of the social hierarchy within what remained of the affluent West. As many jobs and services that were once performed by CO2 emitting machines have now been handed back to human hands, a new class of slaves emerged.
Slaves are purchased by the Aristocrats to provide the comforts of life such as operating fans to keep their owners cool, to assist with their owners personal grooming and, in more and more cases, to provide debauched entertainment for the bored Aristocrats. Joseph, a Worker, finds his marriage to the beautiful Aristocrat Cassandra fails and he is soon ruthlessly discarded. Fate puts him in the hands of the authorities and then into slavery where he is callously modified to serve the decadent needs of his new owners.



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Weekend Slave

Tamsin discovers her husband Max is submissive. She is persuaded by her friend Nadia to exploit this new found attitude by giving Max a weekend for two at an exclusive BDSM resort.
Max thinks it will be fun but he doesn’t know that his wife wants to explore all of her husband’s fantasies including cuckolding him!
All is not as it seems and Tamsin has a few secrets of her own!
Originally published as 5 books in 2009 and now available in one volume.




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The Star Society

A husband begs his wife to dominate him and she refuses. Then, she receives an invitation to the exclusive Star Society and their school for dominant wives.
Ten days at the school and the husband discovers that reality and fantasy are completely different!
Originally published as 4 novels in 2006-2007, now combined into one volume with a total of 130,000 words.





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New Rome

The Future.
The civilised world has crumbled and only small isolated communities remain.
The Aristocrats rule, the Workers struggle to live while slaves perform menial and degrading tasks for their owners. Criminals and bankrupts no longer face monetary penalties or prison. Now, there is only one sentence – slavery!
The civilised life of the twenty first century has faded into myth.
This is New Rome – where life is simple, harsh and often very brutal!
Originally published as 2 volumes in 2011, now combined and available in 1 e-book.




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One Hundred Days

For the first time in his life, Patrick meets a real dominant woman. Suddenly, his fantasies are about to come true! His
head spinning after one night, Patrick doesn’t know what to do next when Virginia makes him an astonishing offer! A contract to be her 24/7 slave for one hundred days!






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Welcome To Wakefield

Based on a story written  many years ago under another name, this is a tale of explicit extreme female domination!
Larry Hart changed his name when he moved to America. In Bristol, he had been ordinary Mathew Jones but using his good looks, new Larry selfishly used women until he found his meal ticket in Violet D’Onofrio. When pulled over for speeding by two female cops, Larry is taken to Wakefield where his life descends into a nightmarish hell with a surprising conclusion!
Note: This involves non-consensual domination and  is an extreme femdom fantasy with many unbelievable elements. It is a fairytale!



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