2016 eBooks

E-Books Published 2016

Feminine Dominance (November €5.00)

Five female domination short stories. Politics, Retired, Technology, Keyholder & Toes

(52 pages, 12,000 words.) €5.00

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The Mistake (September €9.00)

A wealthy man is suddenly kidnapped! His wife is concerned while the detectives try to understand exactly why the man was snatched in broad daylight in NYC!
His distraught wife is happy when her husband is returned. Then, she discovers he is suddenly performing embarrassing sexual acts in public!

A FemDom whodunit! 26,913 words €9.00

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Hearts Desire (August €8.00)

Once again, Giesma (the magical catalyst for gender change from Other Shoes) makes a reappearance.
However, this time, he appears in the period immediately following the Second World War.
A light romantic TG tale set in a bygone era.
(€8.00 35,500 words 161 pages)

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Return to Aswin (July €8.00)

At last, the long awaited sequel to Tales of Aswin.

45,409 words.


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Wicked Wives 3 (June €9.00)

Eight female domination stories about 8 very wicked wives.

(120 pages, 26,400 words €9.00)

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Dominant Affection (April €6.00)

Christopher begs Alice, his wife to control him, to dominate him in every way.
Unwilling at first, Alice moves into the role of the domineering and controlling wife with aplomb.
And then, their relationship changes.

(16,000 words €6.00)

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Stumblin’ In (February Free & €2.50 ea)

Riley Palmer, failed rock singer and now trying her hand at acting, makes a successful beer commercial for British TV. The success of the commercial encourages Riley to continue acting.
Out of the blue, Riley receives an offer for a guest appearance in the hottest and biggest American Television/internet series to date!
She can’t believe her luck as she is flown to LA for an audition and discovers her co-star will be former child star, Piper Harrison! The moment they meet, Piper and Riley stumble into a relationship and discover nothing is easy in Hollywood!
A charming lesbian romance in 7 parts about love at first sight, fame, family and Hollywood!

First part FREE, other parts €2.50 each!  Go here to download!


Changes (January €7.00)

Changes150Claire Jordan moves from London to San Francisco, leaving a a broken family and a stale relationship behind.
Hungry for changes in her new life, Claire discovers herself and love.
(197 pages, 36,400 words €7.00)

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