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Christmas Eve (December 2010)
Eve has her younger husband in chastity for a week or two as part of their ongoing D/s games. Eve suggests a game, her variation on the twelve days of Christmas. Each day, Ray will perform 11 tasks until Christmas Eve. If he carries out each task to Eve’s satisfaction, Ray will receive a special reward on Christmas Eve!
(Novel 32,308 words)

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 Sea Cruise (November 2010)
Leon Spencer is a womanising Sales Manager for a large corporation.
For some time, he has been living the good life with wine, women and song. He was successful at selling but not so good at the paperwork or regulations.
When Eve Rowland, the new Senior Regulatory Manager uncovers some of Leon’s misdeeds and tells him he could be allowed to resign instead of being sacked!
If he would do just one thing…
A fun and romantic story with some light elements of female domination.
(24,945 words)

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A Different Marriage – February(October 2010)
The 9th volume in this very popular series.
Sandra is back and Tim is overjoyed the connection between them  is renewed. Although, there are some changes.
Brigitte faces some changes in her life as well and February proves to be a very interesting month.
(28,008 words)

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Wicked Game (October 2010)
A tale of slow and gentle domination with a different ending.
George was a nerd. A little plump, balding with a nervous stammer but he was successful in his work. His life was solitary until he met Pam. Younger and sexy, she seemed to be able to tap directly into George’s fantasies until she could wrap him around her little finger! Then, George found he was willingly doing things that he once would have considered perverted. Little by little, step by step, Pam escalated her control until the trap closed.
Then, George was faced with a choice!

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(30,219 words) (FemDom, Humilation)    Add to Cart


Forced Into Stockings :Art of Revenge (September 2010)
A FemDom Forced Femme fairytale novella!
Gerald has behaved badly and his ex-wife wants revenge. The mysterious Rieka promotes the art of revenge and Gerald becomes Sindee!
This short novella delivers cruel forced feminisation with the ingredients requested by many readers. Not for everyone.

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(Novella 15,554 words) Forced Fem, Modification, surgery, mind control, bimbo, MF/she-male)

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A Different Marriage – January (September 2010)
The 8th Volume in this ongoing series.
January is a turning point for this experiment in 24/7 D/s relationship. Sandra is in New York, contemplating the future of this relationship and her feelings for her husband while exploring almost forgotten feelings with her ex-husband.
Tim, meanwhile, is discovering submitting to Brigitte is sometimes quite difficult.
Edelina is concerned and takes action while Tim worries that Sandra will not return from New York.

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Wynona (August 2010)
Carl Larkin inherited his late father’s fortune and business, much to his stepsister’s chagrin. Tracey accuses Carl of switching their father’s will but Carl refuses to acknowledge anything. His wife Robyn, Tracey and even his assistant Pamela have problems with Carl so they send for the fix-it person. Wynona!
A tale of mind control, female domination, chastity, oral service, humiliation and, finally, redemption.
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Cuckold Reality (August 2010)
A love story! Roxanne and Gordon have been married for many years and Gordon had often asked (sometimes demanded) that Roxanne take control and help him live the kinky fantasies he had dreamed of.
And so, for his birthday, Gordon gets what he had wanted! Reality can be such a bitch and, as Gordon discovers, so can Roxanne!
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(36,204 words)


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Therapy (July 2010)
Sadie and Ethan have a problem. Ethan is submissive and wants to play sexual games that Sadie thinks is “abnormal”. Sadie insist that Ethan visit a counsellor and both agree to discuss their problems during therapy.
Doctor Jamison suggests a radical plan – a weekend away where Ethan experiences all his fantasies – a taste or reality, Doctor Jamison suggests, may just “cure” Ethan.
Reluctantly, Sadie agrees to go along with the startling therapy!
The resulting weekend is an eye opener for both Ethan and Sadie!
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(24,007 words)

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A Different Marriage – December (June 2010)
An intriguing December as Sandra and Tim handle their situations in different ways.
Are some cracks beginning to appear in this different relationship?
Christmas is celebrated in different ways by each of them as Sandra makes some harsh decisions.
And Tim has a different experience!
A Different Marriage – December lays the groundwork for an interesting January!
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Betrayed  (May 2010)
Leon’s wife, Madge is obscenely wealthy and very jealous. Their relationship has faltered badly and Leon flirts with his assistant but Madge with the help of her gay pal friend, Joshua, unveils an elaborate scheme of revenge involving mind control.
Mainly F/m, this has elements of extreme FemDom involving modification, humiliation and some M/m.
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(37,146 words)

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Diary of a Chaste Husband: Book V  (April 2010)
Things come to a head as Amanda forces Lachlan to listen as she reveals the truth of their relationship to their close circle of friends. In a civilised manner, of course.

This is the concluding volume in this series, although a sequel may appear sometime in the future.
(33,642 words)

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Forced Into Stockings: Body Snatch  (March 2010)
What if an escaping criminal stole your body and transferred your mind into the body of a young woman? What if, as that young woman, you were blackmailed by the man who stole your body who made you do awful, unspeakable things? How would you escape and how would you get revenge?

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Erotic Episodes (March 2010)
A collection of short stories, Erotic Episodes, contains the following stories: Biological Urges, Wanting, A Script for Wednesday, Acceptance, Due Respect, Maid, The Visit, Bruised, Aching and Melody.
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(27,412 words)

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Diary of a Chaste Husband – Book IV  (February 2010)
Amanda taunts Lachlan with his new status and then presents her willing husband with the opportunity to watch the actual moment of cuckolding! With a twist, of course! Amanda is always a little devious! Lachlan finds that fantasy can intrude on real life! There are implications – disturbing consequences to their fun and games!
(31,030 words)

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Diary of a Chaste Husband – Book III (January 2010)
The relationship of Amanda and Lachlan has changed since their returned from Italy. More open, more honest and Amanda is certainly more knowing. Just two weeks in March and everything changes as Amanda takes the ultimate step and finally does what Lachlan has whispered about in his erotic dreams! There can be no turning back!
(33,237 words)

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