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Time: The blog runs on Central European time. if you live in that part of Europe, the time and date will be fine for you. if you don’t, well…it’s a big world.

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If you have any problems or notice a problem with the website , contact Elaine (Webmistress). For all other issues, contact Carmenica. 


Question: What is the process for purchasing E-books?
Answer: All e-books are downloaded through e-junkie(PayPal affiliate) and all transactions are through PayPal (credit card or PayPal accounts) and are instant, including currency conversions. Prices for books are in euros but easy to convert. There is no need to leave the website to purchase, as the shopping cart is here. By the way, you can use the shopping cart to purchase more than one item.

Question: How do I get my downloads?
Answer: Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an email advising of the download link where you will have a limited number of attempts to download and 24 hours. Note: Check your spam folder for the email and make sure you can receive the email. (no email blockers)  Make sure your email address is correct. Check it to make sure you have not mistyped.

Question: If I have problems concerning the purchase of one of your books, whom should I contact?
Answer: First point of call is us. The email addresses are on the bottom of the left sidebar on the main page. Send an email to both addresses.

Question: Do you answer other emails?
Answer: Sensible ones. Love contact with readers. Abusive emails I ignore. Also ignore those with really atrocious spelling unless English is not your first language.

Question: I’d like to interview you for my blog or publication. Is that possible?
Answer: Email me. I like to have a look at where interviews appear before I say yes but, generally, just love to talk about myself!  *smile*

Question: Would you like to exchange links?
Answer: Sorry, but do not have a Blogroll. I try to indicate the source of material where possible.

Question: How do I get my blog/webpage/art work/product mentioned or linked on your site?
Answer: Show me something of value. If I like it, I may mention it or link to it. Of course, if people travel to my site from yours, that would make me notice it but there is no guarantee I’ll mention it or link to it.

Question: I am a new author and want advice and assistance in promoting my work.
Answer: Write to me with your questions. Note, there is no short cut to success!

Question: I am a new author and want advice on a story I have written. Would you read it?
Answer: Not usually. Simply do not have the time.

Question: Do you appear at bookstores?
Answer: No. Most of my work is purchased as a download. It seems silly to appear in bookstores.

Question: Do you talk on the telephone with readers?
Answer: Not usually. However, have spoken to a few and have been interviewed via telephone for a digital radio program.