Carmenica Diaz writes erotic fiction that is either hard and nasty or soft and tender, depending on her moods.
Although English is not her first language, Ms Diaz lived for two years in the U.K. Born of French/Italian heritage, she has recently, after living in many other  European countries, returned to Italy, the land of her birth.

Carmenica Diaz is, of course, a pen name and, in public life, Ms Diaz is an accomplished woman in many areas of the arts, fashion and design which is obvious from her selection of art and fashion for the blog as well as her comments.
Ms Diaz commenced writing at the urging of close friends and now has a substantial following of loyal readers. Her work is plainly erotic and/or romantic. She has gained a reputation for female domination tales involving male chastity and subjugation.
When asked to use single words to describe Carmenica, a close friend chose the following – impatient, dominant, arrogant, tender, caring, romantic, hurtful, precise, nasty, supportive, and mercurial. They are still friends as she told the truth.
Ms Diaz has been publishing books since 2004 and has produced many FemDom classics as well as many Transgender Romance novels which are loved by many readers.

Carmenica is the author of Female Domination stories favoured by those fans of sensual and fluid writing with realistic characters. As one fan has said “it is the dialogue that makes the story comes alive. It is easy to imagine yourself in such an erotic situation!”
The Female Domination ranges from classics such as Goddess Carly, The Submissive Husband to the challenging series, Mirror, Mirror , Diary of a Chaste Husband, A Different Marriage and The Loving Mistress as well as Modern Slavery!
On the other hand, the transgender romance novels include books that have become classic in that exacting genre.

The complete Elizabeth Grey, the beguiling Dreamsome, the intriguing Alchemy series and the new Other Shoes, all contribute to a deserved reputation as one of the foremost authors of TG fiction!
For those that enjoy a harder, more dominating form of TG, the Forced Into Stockings series is very popular.
With over 120 volumes published, there is something for those who enjoy either female domination or transgender fiction – both written with a fluid elegance.
Carmenica also writes and publishes lesbian romance eBooks under the name of Jacqueline Pouliot.
Carmenica Diaz has been interviewed for various BDSM blogs and magazines as well as some interviews on alternative radio in Europe (transcript from one interview here). Another Interview here and another here.
There is more information in the FAQ . If you wish to contact Ms Diaz, you can email her here.