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Lana and Other Stories

A collection of short and not so short stories from Carmenica Diaz. Stories include: Lana, The Game, Useful Humiliation, Pouting Prudence, Use Me, The Mask, London Telephone Conversations.





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My Brother’s Guest (Free download)

A FREE short lesbian romance/coming out story (55 pages). A free story you can instantly download.






Teasing Tales

Seven tales from Carmenica Diaz.
Penalties: Barry had a secret fantasy that involved prolonged teasing and subsequent denial. He never revealed it to anyone until he saw an advertising leaflet that promoted a tease and denial service. Poor Barry, he just had to call. Tick Tock: When the pressures of trying to become pregnant had impacted on Mark and Joanne’s sex life, Joanne took matters into her own hand. Better: Could life get better for Angus? It was pretty terrible but he was surviving. And then, one day, he took a long walk along the beach… Midnight: Men could not be treated as horses, could they? Could they? Clause 10a: A pre-nuptial agreement with a rather interesting Clause 10a. Martha & Paul: Martha got what she wanted and Paul…well, Paul got some things. The Henderson Experiment(Excerpt): Michael Watson stumbles into a job and unknowingly, becomes involved in the Henderson Experiment.

Wicked Women

Four novellas of very wicked women who dominate the men in their lives.
‘Tiny Brian’ – tells the story of an unfortunate man who is not so well endowed, ‘A Gift for Kitten’ – there could not be a crueller woman than Kitten? ‘Caught’ – don’t peep, you’ll get caught, ‘A Taste of Honey’ – how addiction leads to submission.
Longer than a short story, shorter than a novel – four hard pieces of female domination from Carmenica Diaz.   Free Download



Madame Xan

It is 1968 and Ford Manilow, a U.S. pilot is shot down while on a spy flight over a large unnamed Asian country. Ford is captured and refuses to reveal information and so he is then handed over to the large, voluptuous Madame Xan who dwarfs Ford. She is dominating, cruel and, yet, sexy so the slightly built Ford succumbs to this Asian Amazon. (Story inspired by art by Namio).




Helpless Husbands 1

Femdom comic illustrated by Indy, written by Carmenica Diaz






Helpless Husbands 2

More Femdom scenes







Voyeur is a short novella that has been illustrated by Indy. Please note, this is not a graphic novel or a comic! Many of the pages have illustrations but not all the pages.
Voyeur is a story of willing cuckoldry and the subsequent humiliation. Fiona leads her husband from simple exhibitionist games to the cuckold lifestyle! A cuckold story with loving female domination involved.
This is big so be patient when downloading!



Captured by Julia

Aaron betrays Julia who seeks a cruel and terrible revenge. Over 75 pages of illustrations.




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  1. I just finished reading your story called “The Humiliation of Claudia” and it was one of the most erotic and arousing books I have ever read. I applaud your skill and creativity. I love the humiliation and your ability to set the stage for each scene. I have only found chapter 1 but I am searching for the entire book now. I LOVE YOUR WORK!
    best regards.

  2. I love that book! It’s here. Look down the list on the left.
    I think carmenica writes great lesbian Dom yarns that are hot! Sure, I like the male sub story as much as the next but Carmen totally nails the lesbian Dom sex. We all wish she would write more.

  3. To the inexperienced viewer, James wasn’t moving in the slightest. The bondage was that extreme and effective. But I could detect that he was really struggling, more than I had ever seen before. I smiled and continued to watch, while softly rubbing my clit. This S&M business must be contagious, I thought. I realized that I was really enjoying watching my fiance in inescapable bondage, very tightly and effectively gagged, blindfolded, and obviously trying his best to escape. Maybe it was conditioning, since I always masturbated while he was in bondage. Who knows for sure? Maybe I was a closet sadist and all our games were bringing that closer to the surface.

    “Maybe it’s time”, I thought, and got off the bed and crossed the room. It was obvious why he was trying to get loose, or at least to get my attention and have me release him. I had thought this idea crazy from the first time I heard about it, but didn’t say so. James delighted in contriving these bondage ordeals for himself. And if he wanted to try something, I was more than happy to go along. He was a loving, faithful mate, and I got all the normal sex I wanted, and I did find his games interesting and provocative. Yes, exciting in fact. I had to admit.

    Our first foray into bondage involved what the aficionados called “Tie & Tease”, and which was still among james favorite things to do. This involved his being rigorously bound and gagged, having me bring him almost to orgasm, and then stop. I would continue to tease him, and keep him hard and horny for several hours before I let him come. This was my favorite also and I enjoyed it more and more.

    The first few times were fiascos, of course. He escaped my bondage within minutes. But I had been a willing student and he had been encouraging and anxious to help me develop my skills and, with the additional help of Internet sites and lots of experimentation, my rope bondage became quite expert. I learned remarkably quickly and had evolved to the point that now, once I had bound him thoroughly, he could struggle for hours and still not even begin to free himself.

    I got to like having control and being able to manipulate the situation. In most of his bondage positions, hogtied on the bed for instance, I could take off his gag whenever I wanted, and position myself so that he could lick my pussy. This was another of his loves, being “forced” to service me orally, for as many orgasms as I wanted .Sometimes I would give him a relaxed bondage session stretched on the bed with his hands and arms tied to the top of the bed and his feet tied and stretched to the bottom…he likes to be stretched tight and gagged ( until I would take it off and sit on his face and make him sate me totally and completely)

    I would also love to ride his cock in this position and tease him then get off him when I felt him close to coming…. So I could relieve the sexual tension anytime I wanted, and relax and continue with the session, continue teasing him at my own pace, without any pressure. My own horniness determined how the session would end. If I felt like being ravaged, I would release him before making him come. He would mount me like a stallion. If I didn’t feel like being penetrated, or if I was sated or tired, I would just bring him off while he was still bound and gagged. That way, when I did finally release him, he would only want to cuddle a little bit more and then go to sleep.

    At first I was very conscious of not keeping him tied too long. We discussed it and initially set a time limit of one hour. But james quickly decided that this wasn’t long enough, and he pushed it up to two hours. Then, “Can we try three hours today?”. These days there was no official time limit. We had decided that I knew him well enough to judge his reactions and that I would merely use my judgment as to how long he remained in bondage. Additionally, this pleased james by adding to the mystique, the fantasy, of his being completely in my control.

    His bondage scenarios slowly evolved into extremely strict bondage scenarios and we spent many hours in bed, snuggling, with james tightly hogtied and me leisurely playing with his nipples and cock. And I would always interrogate him about what other kinds of things he fantasized about. And it was in this context that many of his more complicated scenarios were born. Tightly bound in this way he was very open, and freely talked about other things he would like to try, about what he must have thought were his darkest fantasies. I began to realize why people spoke about bondage as being a “liberating” experience.

    And once his fantasies were vocalized, they took shape. Over the years, his bondage experiments became more and more elaborate. Some were so elaborate and complicated and time consuming that they had to be reserved for either Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The scripts were always composed by james which didn’t bother me in the least. I did notice that lately, in the last couple of years, his scenarios had begun to drift toward situations which involved inescapable bondage combined with some degree of discomfort. In cruising the various web sites and forums, he had come across the concept, “It’s not really bondage until you want to get loose!”.

  4. dear miss,
    I have read many of your books and must appreciate your work
    pls do let me know if there is any e book on forced servitude
    earlier also u have recommended some books and I found tj better.

    I would appreciate if I get to read something where husband takes wife’s role and do all the chores and his successful wife become the breadwinner and wear pant in house

  5. I read the story “Birthday Boy”, chapter 1 (of 12), and have looked everywhere for the other chapters! Was this story finished, and if so, where can i find it?

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