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27 E-Books Published in 2013

Secret Desires 16 (December €1.25)

Episode 16 of season 2 of Secret Desires is now available.

(5,616 words   €1.25)

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Christmas Time (December €7.25)

What happens if you invent the perfect chastity belt with a built in timer?

The invulnerable belt that cannot be removed before the time and date recorded in the timer opens the belt?

Nothing could go wrong with that, could it?

The 2013 Christmas novel.(15,000 words  €7.25)

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Secret Desires 15 (December €1.25)

Episode 15 is now available.

(5,701 words €1.25)

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Secret Desires 14 (November €1.25)

Episode 14 is now available.

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Procurement 4 (November €6.00)

The final volume in this FemDom series, Procurement 4, is now available.

(18,346 words €6.00)

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Secret Desires 13 (October  €1.25)

Secret Desires Episode 13 is now available.

(5,138 words €1.25)

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Secret Desires 12 (August €1.25)

As promised, Secret Desires Episode 12 is now available.

(5,021 words   €1.25)

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Tales of Aswin Episode 14 (August €1.00)

Hounds of War – Episode 14 of the Tales of Aswin is now available.

(14,285 words €1.00)

This series is drawing to a close.

To purchase and download, go here.



Extreme Games 2 (August €8.00)

The final book in this short tale, Extreme Games 2, is now available.

(26, 175 words €8.00 ).

To purchase and download Extreme Games 2, go here.



Secret Desires Episode 11 (July €1.25)

The second season continues with Episode 11!

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Forced into Stockings: Extreme Games (July 2013 €8.00)

Peyton Palmer is very rich with very kinky tastes. Unfortunately for her straying husband Ben, Peyton is used to getting exactly what she wants!

And she wants her husband punished and under her control!
A Forced Into Stockings tale in only 2 volumes with twists and turns.

(28,368 words €8.00 ).

Book 1 of Extreme Games now available. To purchase and download, go here.


Secret Desires Episode 10 (June 2013 €1.25)


The second season begins with episode 10!

(5,738 words €1.25)

To purchase and download, go here.


Dominque (June 2013 €2.00)

Carmenica Diaz writing as Jacqueline Pouliot for iBooks.
Laney Hutton finds herself in trouble after her boyfriend tried to smuggle drugs through customs. Locked in a remote Asian prison for twenty years, Laney faces a bleak future until she meets Dominique, a French intelligence agent who is also in the prison. Escaping with Dominique, Laney finds herself falling deeply in love with the other, unusual woman. That love forces Laney to face her own life and family as, finally, Laney grows up!
(Lesbian romance  18,000 words €2.00)

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Secret Desires 09 (May 2013 €1.25)

Episode 9 now released.

5,072 words


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Dancing Barefoot (May 2013 €5.00)

Carmenica writing as Jacqueline Pouliot.

A wonderful historical lesbian romance, set in England during the 1950s.
Young Bridey Owen, a girl from the Liverpool slums is studying to be a doctor when she meets the extravagant and wild Lady Charlotte Foxworth!
Charlie Foxworth is used to getting what she wants but is afraid of her mother.
Bridey is a little overwhelmed when she visits the grand house and is equally overwhelmed by Charlie’s advances.
Dancing Barefoot follows the times of the 1960s in London as Bridey Owen discovers what is important in life!

(€5.00  64,978 words) To purchase and download, go here.


Secret Desires 08 (May 2013 €1.25)

Episode 08 now released.

5,913 words


To purchase and download, go HERE. Please refresh your browser.


Secret Desires 07 (April 2013  €1.25)

Episode 07 now released.

5,245 words


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Secret Desires 06 (April 2013  €1.25)

Episode 06 is now released!

5,231 words.


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go HERE!

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Shuffle (March 2013 €9.00)

Hugh is a struggling British playwright but after a disastrous opening and then closing  of his only play, he realises he hasn’t the talent that he thought he had.

His manager Liam, organises a job as a writer on an American television show and they travel to Los Angeles to begin what Hugh hopes will be a new career. In LA, Liam and Hugh meet the beautiful Valerie, another Brit, who performs as mediocre lounge singer while trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood.

Then, one wet, wild and stormy night in L.A. the incredible happens when with one strange lightning strike, Hugh and Valerie swap bodies!

“…if you enjoyed the focus on music in Elizabeth Grey and the conundrum of the body swap of Other Shoes, you will thoroughly enjoy Shuffle!”

(100,723 words €9.00)  To purchase and download the PDF, go HERE!


Secret Desires 05 (March 2013  €1.25)

  Episode 05 is now released!

5,799 words.


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go HERE!

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The Winds of War – Book 13 of the Tales of Aswin (March 2013 €1.00)

With Sir Warwick kidnapped, Rionna must accept that she is queen and must lead her people!

And rescue the man she loves!

(12,184 words €1.00)

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Secret Desires Book 4  (February €1.25)

Episode 4 is now available.


To purchase (€1.25) and download, go HERE!



Secret Desires Book 3 (February 2013 €1.25)

Episode 3 now available.

To purchase (€1.25) and download, go HERE!




Secret Desires Book 2 (February 2013 €1.25)

Episode 2 now available.

Each episode is aimed to present the action and plot that occurs with a one hour cable television program.

To purchase (€1.25) and download, go HERE!



Secret Desires Book 1 (February 2013 FREE)

Roland and Camilla De Veere have it all. Both are wealthy, own lovely estates and even servants but there is something missing in the relationship.
Camilla has reached breaking point and is actively considering divorce, despite her misgivings about another failed marriage.
Roland is wrestling with the fact his third marriage is heading for failure and he blames himself and his secret desires.
Roland often travels to avoid the reality of his marriage and while he is away, Camilla makes a startling discovery!
She finds a journal written by Roland where he painstakingly described his secret and extreme desires!
Secret submissive desires!
Camilla is a woman of wealth and action! She is spurred into an extreme act as the last hurrah of a failing marriage.
Roland’s desires are secret no longer!

This first episode is FREE! To download, go HERE!


Procurement Book 3 (January 2013 €6.00)

The chastity belt is becoming the most important object in Paul’s life! In spite of his growing frustration he is learning that the balance of power in his life has changed.
And Abby is bent on teaching Paul some new skills and, to his chagrin, Paul discovers he isn’t as adept as he thought he was!
Page clearly hates Paul while Lara allows Page to make the decisions! And, how can Paul forget that the predatory Simon lurks!

(16,444 words – €6.00)

To purchase and download Book 3 of the Procurement Series , go HERE!



The Long Winter – Book 12 of The Tales of Aswin (January 2013 €1.00)

Sadness makes Rionna withdraws into grief after saying goodbye to an old friend but the romance blossoming between Rionna and Sir warwick with a little assistance from Lady Freydis, helps her recover.
However, as the Great Thaw begins,there is terrible news.

(13, 332 words €1.00)

To purchase and download Book 12, go HERE!






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9 Notes 2013 eBooks

  1. The enigma that is Carmenica Diaz.

    I have studied your blog for some time in an attempt to get a handle on you. What have I learned from surveying your blog?

    You are a talented writer. There is no doubt about that as you have a monumental catalogue and the succinct comments in your posts display a calm, measured literary talent.
    But there’s more, isn’t there? A lot more.

    You have the eye of an artist. The pictures you select are very interesting on so many different levels and, I suspect, you are very aware of that. You tease your audience with sexual images but also intellectually. However, not everyone gets the subliminal messages, do they?

    Your interest and knowledge of fashion is revealing. You have a deep knowledge (clothes, designers, models by first name) which suggests that you are a player in the world of fashion. I don’t think you are a designer or even a model but someone who is behind the scenes.

    You are a gay woman. It is clear, even though in one part of your blog (a transcript of an interview) you claim to be bisexual. I doubt that very much. You are completely gay. The choice of pictures supports that. There is also a detachment in some of the comments relating to female domination over the male.

    You are extremely well educated. Your knowledge of art and pop culture amazes me. You linger on many varied topics with a light touch that suggests a deeper understanding. Clearly, you are European educated and I think French or Swiss. Am I close?

    I also think you post pictures of yourself but in a rather oblique fashion. There is no doubt in my mind that you appear on your blog in the flesh for those smart enough to guess the clues. You enjoy the tease. The tag “tease” when associated with vague pictures of female arms, fingers etc indicates those are pictures of you!

    There is one picture I believe is you that shows you looking directly at the camera! I will not refer specifically to it out of respect.

    You are very complex. You are intriguing. I will continue to try to understand you.

    I hope you aren’t offended by my detective work. I also hope you will have pity on me and tell me if I am close in any of these assumptions.

    Sherlock Christie

    • Mised this!
      Oh my, you have studied the blog, haven’t you? And such a lot of compliments. They are compliments, aren’t they? 🙂 Life educates everyone if they are prepared to look.
      Now, what can I tell you? You are correct. I am complex! 🙂

  2. You are an author who has broken the shackles of stereotyped Femdom writin’ to raise your novels into mainstream fantasy adventure literature genre ! Like Harry Potter or Eragon whilst maintainin’ your femdom cultist persona in some parallel books ! Bravo !

  3. Carmenica blog is a mirror of herself. It is not herself and clearly she has more depth than the brilliant attractive reflective mirror that one sees the world in (reversed). She IS a tease but in a delightful and informative manner. I personally love her taste in almost everything… and I am certain that everything depicted in this blog is not her taste but part of a genre that she loves so much as her readers do.

    Frankly I don’t care if she is a lesbian or bi as this has absolutely no impact on my life. She is a simply a brilliant person who supplies wonderful images for me each day… and hits the right notes so many times (not always).

    I’m not interested in solving the mystery Sherlock… I am more interested in the inspiration she can provide me on my desk top from her mind thousands of miles away.

    Thank you Carmenica!

  4. long awaited chapter 🙂 thank You for continuing

  5. Dear miss,
    When last part of ‘secret desire’ will be released?


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