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1. All books are available as e-books  and available for download instantly after purchase through e-junkie(PayPal affiliate)! For FREE e-books, look under FREE DOWNLOADS at the end of the list of books in the left sidebar.

2. All eBooks are in the standard PDF format which is easy to read on all computers. If you prefer the ePub format, which is supported by almost every reading device (including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, BeBook, Nook & Kobo), it is very simple to convert PDF files to ePub or to download the ADobe Reader App for your  iPad. To convert, either download the software (shareware) or use one of the many online converters. Just Google “PDF to ePub” or “PDF conversion to epub”.(More detailed ePub Guide Here.)

Kindle uses another format which is not industry standard. Sooner or later they will have to change if they want to be accepted globally. At the moment, Kindle is really only usable in the USA. Still, it is easy to convert a PDF so it can be read on Kindle. There is shareware that does it and, we believe, Amazon offers that service free. Why they don’t just switch to ePub and accept the industry standard is another matter.

Of course, it would make it all so much easier if the makers of these readers built them so they could automatically read PDF. If they want their reader to be used in the commercial world (especially corporate) they will have to. However, most allow a form of PDF reader as an app. iPad does.

3. All transactions are through PayPal (credit card or PayPal accounts) and are instant, including currency conversions.Prices are in euros but easy to convert.There is no need to leave the website to purchase. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card as a guest of PayPal. Simply follow the link on the PayPal page when you check out.

4. You can use the shopping cart to purchase more than one item. There is no requirement to log in.

5. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an email advising of the download link where you will have a limited number of attempts to download. Note: Check your spam folder for the email and make sure you can receive the email. (no email blockers)

6. At this stage, most of the  transgender books are also available as paperbacks as well as eBooks. Please note,  that paperback books purchased through lulu are much  more expensive than e-books.

One Note Bookshop FAQ

  1. I understand what you say about Kindle. Yes, in an ideal world Amazon would use an open standard. The thing is that I do read on a tablet and have a lot of Kindle books, so like to use that way to read.

    The problem with your PDFs is that on a reader the pages have to be used in a fixed size where the Kindle format reformats the text using the size the reader selects. Viewing on screen the characters are about a quarter the size of what I would normally use – not good for an elderly thing like me! I also generally read white text on a black background which is easier on the eye.

    I still enjoy your books enough to overcome the reading difficulties though.

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