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The pictures and art that are posted here come from many sources. Most of the Female Domination Art comes from my own collection which has accumulated over the years. It is quite large. Where the artist is known, the name is referenced as well as much information as possible about the artist.

Most of the photographs posted here were either sent to me or found on circulating on the internet.

If you can prove that you created a work and do not wish it posted on this site, it will be removed if you ask nicely. Politeness is not that difficult. Donโ€™t be nasty. There is no point. If you are tiresome, I might just ignore you.

One more thing. Some of the pictures posted here are my own! These are rare and not identified as mine as they are usually of me! I just love to tease. There is only one picture on the blog where my face is visible. Where is it? Ah, now, that would be telling…

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