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Hello all!

Controlled! (May €9.00)
Five Femdom stories. Go to the bookshop to read preview, purchase and download eBook!

The first book of 2017 is The Debt. (February €9.00)
David Hughes has lost a lot of money and his poor wife Marla has watched her life destroyed. They had to sell the house, cars, holiday homes, everything! Even jewellery and clothes! It was a terrible situation.
Just when Marla thought they had reached bottom, their situation became worse! She discovers David had borrowed money from loan sharks and a mysterious woman called Ms Quinn had purchased the entire debt!
Now, David owed Ms Quinn! And she has some interesting ideas how to discharge the debt!
Go to BOOKSHOP, read preview, download book.

Feminine Dominance  (November €5.00)
Five female domination short stories.

The Mistake (September €9.00)
A wealthy man is suddenly kidnapped! His wife is concerned while the detectives try to understand exactly why the man was snatched in broad daylight in NYC!

His distraught wife is happy when her husband is returned. Then, she discovers he is suddenly performing embarrassing sexual acts in public!
A FemDom whodunit! 26,913 words €9.00

Hearts Desire (August €8.00)
Once again, Giesma (the magical catalyst for gender change from Other Shoes) makes a reappearance. However, this time, he appears in the period immediately following the Second World War. A light romantic TG tale set in a bygone era. (€8.00 35,500 words 161 pages)

Return to Aswin (July €8.00)
The long awaited sequel to Tales of Aswin.

Wicked Wives 3 ( €9.00)
Eight Femdom stories about some very wicked wives! (To purchase & download, go here.)

Another year! It is quite amazing when I look back on all the years I have been publishing on this blog!

Dominant Affection.
Christopher begs Alice, his wife to control him, to dominate him in everyway.
Unwilling at first, Alice moves into the role of the domineering and controlling wife with aplomb.
And then, their relationship changes.
(16,000 words €6.00)  Go here.

Stumblin’ In
Riley Palmer, failed rock singer and now trying her hand at acting, makes a successful beer commercial for British TV. The success of the commercial encourages Riley to continue acting.
Out of the blue, Riley receives an offer for a guest appearance in the hottest and biggest American Television/internet series to date!
She can’t believe her luck as she is flown to LA for an audition and discovers her co-star will be former child star, Piper Harrison! The moment they meet, Piper and Riley stumble into a relationship and discover nothing is easy in Hollywood!
A charming lesbian romance in 7 parts about love at first sight, fame, family and Hollywood!
First part FREE! Go here.

A lesbian romance to begin 2016, written by me under my “lesbian” pen-name, Jacqueline Pouliot.
Claire Jordan moves from London to San Francisco, leaving a a broken family and a stale relationship behind. Hungry for changes in her new life, Claire discovers herself and love.
(197 pages, 36,400 words €7.00)
Purchase & download from the Jacqueline Pouliot blog.

Wicked Wives 2
Six female domination stories about 6 wicked wives.
(129 pages, 33,400 words. €9.00)
To purchase & download, visit the bookshop.

Aria’s marriage fails and due to a case of mistaken identity, she meets India. Self discovery, romance, love and family. Just Breathe.
114 pages, 24,000 words  €6.00
Available for download from Jacqueline Pouliot blog

A new historical lesbian romance!
This compelling tale set on board a luxury ocean liner on the eve of World War II captures the first flush of love and the awakening of sexual desire!
Hot, sometimes confronting with BDSM elements, this story is strongly romantic and satisfying.
€8.00, 251 pages, 69,000 words.
Available for download from Jacqueline Pouliot blog

My Brother’s Guest
Free! A short lesbian romance that is free to download from the Jacqueline Pouliot blog.

Wicked Wives
Four female domination stories about 4 wicked wives.
(65 pages, 19,000 words €6.00)
To purchase & download, visit the bookshop.

Lighthouse Beach
Carmenica publishing as Jacqueline Pouliot.
Keywords: Romance, relationships, lesbian
48,000 words €6.50)

To purchase & download, go to the Jacqueline Pouliot blog.

Delicate Situation
Ms Bergman, Organza and Mai Lin are back in a another female domination tale!
The husband of a woman who shops at Bergmans, visits Ms Bergman with a proposition and a rather delicate situation.
Can Ms Bergman help?
Keywords: Bondage, humiliation, female domination, chastity, puppy, exhibitionism, extreme.
(25,129 words €8.00) To purchase and download e-book, go to the bookshop.

Betsy on Top
Betsy pushes even more and there are dramatic changes in the lives of Betsy and Lenny!
Keywords: Female Domination, FemDom, bondage, humiliation, forced femme, chastity belt, denial, tease, face sitting, queening, oral worship, denial, Strap-On, dildo, tease.
(21,298 words €8.00) To purchase and download this e-book, visit the bookshop.

Mrs Kraemer Book 4.
The final episode in this four part series!
KEYWORDS: FemDom (F/m), chastity belt, tease & denial, humiliation, cuckold, blackmail, Femdom (F/f), lesbian, Forced Femme, cross dressing, modifications, worship, spanking, bondage, slavery, She Male, romance.
(€8.00 25,298 words) Go to the Bookshop

First Book for 2015! Betsy in Control.
Betsy is unstoppable! She is enjoying her new control over Lenny and is enforcing her power every day! It is almost as if a new Betsy has been born!
Keywords: Female Domination, FemDom, bondage, humiliation, forced femme, chastity belt, denial, tease, face sitting, queening, oral worship, denial, Strap-On, dildo, tease.
(20,258 words  €8.00) Go to Bookshop

December: Betsy
Life has become boring for Betsy, a nurse and mechanic husband Lenny. Then, Betsy discovers a few things and decides, in her sly way, to take control and give Lenny what he supposedly wants!
Keywords: Female Domination, FemDom, bondage, humiliation, forced femme, chastity, tease, face sitting, queening, oral worship, denial, tease.
(22,851 words  €8.00) Go to Bookshop

November: Mrs Kraemer 3
The third book in this small series is now available. Go to Bookshop.

October: A Delicate Balance Books 1 (Free) & Book 2

September: Mrs Kraemer 2
The second book in this new series is available now.
To purchase (€8.00) and download, go here.

August: Mrs Kraemer 1
A new Female domination series.
To purchase (€8.00) and download, go here.

June: The Weakness in Me
It has been sometime since I have written an explicit tale of lesbian domination! My writing career began in that genre so it was fun to move back to that style of tale.
The patient soul who edits my books made an interesting point after I sent The Weakness in Me to him.
“ I think my computer was on the verge of melting down a couple of times…In passing, I wonder if you know that when you write Fm fiction you are much harsher, even if the F loves the male. You use drugs, electric shock, beatings with crops, canes and even sticks as well as the ubiquitous inescapable male chastity belt. When you write Ff fiction the control is much more mental and sensual.”
As I said, an interesting point and probably correct.
I am not going to publish excerpts of The Weakness in Me in case they act as spoilers. The plot is interesting.  (28,065 words €8.00) To purchase and download, go here.

June: The Artist

May: One Hundred Days
For the first time in his life, Patrick meets a real dominant woman. Suddenly, his fantasies are about to come true! His head spinning after one night, Patrick doesn’t know what to do next when Virginia makes him an astonishing offer! A contract to be her 24/7 slave for one hundred days!
(47,702 words €9.25) To purchase and download, go here.

April: Mind Games
Mind Games is not a traditional female domination story. In fact, the FemDom elements do not appear within the tale until deep in the story.

Alex Campbell appears as a very successful business man but, in reality, is almost bankrupt. His survival depends on one deal – a merger of his company with an American powerhouse.
He makes a mistake and finds himself being drawn into a strange web of deceit. Alex also finds he has strange desires.
As the reader slowly moves through the book, pieces of the conspiracy are revealed.
(46,600 words  €9.25) To purchase and download, go here.

March 24: Click!
A lesbian romance – Carmenica Diaz writing as Jacqueline Pouliot.
Frankie is a rising fashion photographer who has fled home to London after an unhappy and very public lesbian love affair with a well-known model.
Forced to attend an early Christmas party, she meets Christy. They click but Frankie discovers Christy as a boyfriend.
Resigned to friendship only, Frankie finds she just can’t get Christy out of her mind!
(€2.00 12,875 words Lesbian, relationships, romance,)
To purchase and download, please go here.

March 11: Secret Desires 19
The second season of Secret Desires ends with book 19! (6, 149 words €1.25)  To purchase and download, go here.
Now that the second season of Secret Desires has ended, the question remains as to whether this story should continue with season 3?  It is up to the readers! Vote here!

February 18: With This Ring.
This is a romp that can best be described as a BDSM wedding fantasy! Stephen, a submisisve who enjoys humilation, has been visiting Brenda, his favourite Dominatrix for some time. Once day she casually announces they should get married!

Stephen discovers it is not a good idea to decline a proposal from a skilled and ruthless dominatrix like Brenda!( 22,046 words  €7.50)

February 05: Secret Desires 18.

January 14 2014: Inside Girl
In a very secret United Nations research facility in the desert, someone has been sending confidential information out and Joshua Evans is framed for spying!
Ejected from the facility, his reputation in tatters, Joshua is offered a way for Joshua to clear his name. The only problem is that Joshua has to go back inside the facility and as a woman!
This was written in 2005 at the same time as Body Double but only published in 2014.
(38, 586 words  €8.00)

January 06 2014: Secret Desires 17

December 16: Secret Desires 16

December 11: Christmas Time
What happens if you invent the perfect chastity belt with a built in timer?
The invulnerable belt that cannot be removed before the time and date recorded in the timer opens the belt?
Nothing could go wrong with that, could it?
The 2013 Christmas novel. 15,000 words  €7.25

December 02: Secret Desires 15

November 12: Secret Desires 14

November 04: Procurement 4, the final volume, is now available.

August 14: Secret Desires 12 now available.

August 08: Hounds of War – Episode 14 of The Tales of Aswin.

August 04: Extreme Games 2.

July 23: Secret Desires Episode 11.

July 06: Forced into Stockings: Extreme Games
Peyton Palmer is very rich with very kinky tastes.
Unfortunately for her straying husband Ben, Peyton is used to getting exactly what she wants!
And she wants her husband punished and under her control!
A Forced Into Stockings tale in  only 2 volumes with twists and turns.
(28,368 words €8.00)

June 14: Secret Desires 10

June 07: Dominique
Carmenica Diaz writing as Jacqueline Pouliot.
Laney Hutton finds herself in trouble after her boyfriend tried to smuggle drugs through customs. Locked in a remote Asian prison for twenty years, Laney faces a bleak future until she meets Dominique, a French intelligence agent who is also in
the prison. Escaping with Dominique, Laney finds herself falling deeply in love with the other, unusual woman. That love forces Laney to face her own life and family as, finally, Laney grows up!
(Lesbian romance)  (18,000 words €2.00) To purchase and download, go here.

May 23: Secret Desires 09. (5,072 words €1.25)   To purchase and download, go here.

May 10: Dancing Barefoot (May 2013 €5.00)
Carmenica writing as Jacqueline Pouliot.
A wonderful historical lesbian romance, set in England during the 1950s.

Young Bridey Owen, a girl from the Liverpool slums is studying to be a doctor when she meets the extravagant and wild Lady Charlotte Foxworth!
Charlie Foxworth is used to getting what she wants but is afraid of her mother.
Bridey is a little overwhelmed when she visits the grand house and is equally overwhelmed by Charlie’s advances.
Dancing Barefoot follows the times of the 1960s in London as Bridey Owen discovers what is important in life!

(€5.00 64,978 words) To purchase and download, go here.

May 02: Secret Desires 08 now released. (5,913 words €1.25) To purchase and download go HERE. Refresh your browser.

April 17: Secret Desires 07 is now released. (5,245 words. €1.25)To purchase and download, go HERE! (Refresh your browser

April 02: Secret Desires Episode 06 is now released! (5,231 words. €1.25) To purchase and download, go HERE! (Refresh your browser

March 19: Shuffle released!
Hugh is a struggling British playwright but after a disastrous opening and then closing  of his only play, he realises he hasn’t the talent that he thought he had.
His manager Liam, organises a job as a writer on an American television show and they travel to Los Angeles to begin what Hugh hopes will be a new career.
Liam and Hugh meet the beautiful Valerie, another Brit, who performs as mediocre lounge singer while trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood.
Then, one wet, wild and stormy night in L.A. the incredible happens when with one strange lightning strike, Hugh and Valerie swap bodies!
“…if you enjoyed the focus on music in Elizabeth Grey and the conundrum of the body swap of Other Shoes, you will thoroughly enjoy Shuffle!”
(100,723 words €9.00) Purchase and download HERE!

March 12: Episode 05 of Secret Desires.

March 05: The Winds of War – Book 13 of the Tales of Aswin released.
With Sir Warwick kidnapped, Rionna must accept that she is queen and must lead her people! And rescue the man she loves! (12,184 words €1.00) To purchase and download, go here!
February 14: Episode 4 of Secret Desires released!
February 7: Episodes 1, 2 & 3 of Secret Desires released!
Roland and Camilla De Veere have it all. Both are wealthy, own lovely estates and even servants but there is something missing in the relationship.
Camilla has reached breaking point and is actively considering divorce, despite her misgivings about another failed marriage.
Roland is wrestling with the fact his third marriage is heading for failure and he blames himself and his secret desires.
Roland often travels to avoid the reality of his marriage and while he is away, Camilla makes a startling discovery!
She finds a journal written by Roland where he painstakingly described his secret and extreme desires!
Secret submissive desires!
Camilla is a woman of wealth and action! She is spurred into an extreme act as the last hurrah of a failing marriage.
Roland’s desires are secret no longer!

Episode 1 is FREE! Go HERE!

January 12: The 12th book in The Tales of Aswin – The Long Winter.
Sadness makes Rionna withdraws into grief after saying goodbye to an old friend but the romance blossoming between Rionna and Sir warwick with a little assistance from Lady Freydis, helps her recover. However, as the Great Thaw begins,there is terrible news. (13,332 words €1.00)
To purchase and download, go HERE!

January 07: The first book of 2013 (another year OMG!) is the third book in the Procurement series.
The chastity belt is becoming the most importnat object in Paul’s life! In spite of his growing frustration he is learning that the balance of power in his life has changed.
And Abby is bent on teaching Paul some new skills and, to his chagrin, Paul discovers he isn’t as adept as he thought he was!
Page clearly hates Paul while Lara allows Page to make the decisions! And, how can Paul forget that the predatory Simon lurks!
To purchase and download, go HERE!

December 10: Happy New Year Tricked into a chastity belt by his sexy wife, Rita, Colin has to wait until Christmas Eve for release but things do not go according to plan! (10,036 words – €2.50)
This is the 2012 Christmas story from Carmenica.
To purchase and download Happy New Year, go HERE!

November 02: Alchemy Return. Alchemy Return, the fourth novel set in the Alchemy Universe, is now available. This book begins where Alchemy Abroad ended and then switches back to Earth for the beginning of a new tale. New volunteers are ready to make the journey to the Alchemy world!
All of the lives are interwoven and many characters from the first three novels reappear.
(70,309 words €9.00) To purchase and download, go here.

November 01: Willow – a FemDom comic. Written by Carmenica and illustrated by Stonehouse.
A Powerful man is dominated by his wife in many cruel ways including humiliation. (€10.00) To Purchase and download, go here!

October: Procurement Book 2. Paul is shocked to discover he has been manipulated! He is now in a strange and helpless position! It is said that money is the root of all evil! (20,334 words €8.00) To purchase and download, go here.

Tales of Aswin is very popular on iBooks. Book 11 in this series is now available.
Snowbound – Book 11 of the Tales of Aswin (13,823 words €1.00)
The Long Winter threatens and, disturbed by her feelings and unsure what she should do about them, Rionna braves the snow to call on her old friend for advice.

Danger is everywhere and Rionna meets the Shadow Ghosts and, after a feast, prepares for the Long Winter. To purchase and download, go here.

September: Procurement – Book 1. Four women controlling one man for money and, perhaps for sexual revenge. It’s bound to become very complicated! Some women do not share well! A slow moving FemDom Chastity series!
(19,889 words €8.00) To purchase and download, go here.

August: All things must come to an end and so does the epic story of a FemDom marriage – A Different Marriage!  This is the 14th volume and the last! This story has attracted a huge following over the past 2 years and I hope you enjoy the final volume. To purchase and download, go here.

Also in August, Snow Falls – Book 10 of the Tales of Aswin.

.July: Book 4 of the Decline & Fall series – the end of this FemDom Series.
Decline and Fall – Book 4 – now published €8.00! To purchase and download, go here.

July: Episode 9 of The Tales of Aswin! Just €1.00.
Rionna wrestles with her growing affection for Warwick the Spellbinder Minstrel while moving into the role of Queen in Waiting.
The day of the coronation arrives and although Rionna is Queen at last there are still mysteries to unravel.
To purchase and download, go here.

June: Another episode in Tales of Aswin has been released. This is episode 8 and will cost just €1.00. All future volumes will also cost €1.00.
Rionna crosses the grey Cold Sea to the Northern Reaches. Then, a journey to the capital, Hakon where Rionna, not only meets the Chancellor Fáfnir for the first time but  must face her greatest challenge of all – Royal Chamber of Ladies!
To purchase and download, go here.

June and another volume in the Decline & Fall series!
Paul finds himself in increasingly humiliating positions with Adele as his self-control slips away! Adele makes sure Paul has a devil of a time!
Decline and Fall – Book 3 – now published €8.00! To purchase and download, go here.

Another volume in the Tales of Aswin – Book 7, Journey Northward.
Somebody wants Rionna dead!  The members of the Assassins Guild will not give up and Rionna and her party are under constant danger. After the attack which injured Orlana, the Northern knights have all but recognised Rionna as the heir to the Ice Throne. Still, she must face examination when she finds herself before the council in the capital of the Northern Reaches. What will happen to her then? Rionna is also struggling with strange feelings for men and, in particular, for the minstrel Warwick.
To purchase and download, go HERE.

Just released – Decline & Fall Book 2.
Paul is caught in the web spun by Adele while Lenore is becoming more involved with Sebastian. It is a puzzling time for Paul as he struggles to understand exactly what is happening! Adele is training Paul and Lenore is fantasising about Sebastian, justifying her desire for him by remembering that Paul had virtually signed her away! (21,051 words)

To purchase and download, go HERE

Heiress to the Ice Throne – Book 6 of the Tales of Aswin has now been published!

After earning the gratitude of the King, Rionna discovers pleasure that she had never known before. Then, the disturbing news the Northern knights have left Aelius!  Where are these fearsome warriors going? And what does it mean for Rionna?

To purchase and download book 6, go here!

A new series (four books only), Decline and Fall!

Paul Weaver is in trouble! His business has failed and he now faces the possibility of prison! His beautiful wife, Lenore is not impressed but Paul is thrown a lifeline by a mysterious and very wealthy man!  However, Paul soon discovers that all is not what it first seems!

A tale over four books with many twists and turns.  (22,369 words, €8.00)

Decline and Fall, Book 1 is now available. To purchase, go here!

Therilia – Episode 4 in the Tales of Aswin now released ! Rionna travels to Therilia and stands before the ill tempered King Arthur. Will her new abilities save her and her companions from the intrigues of the Royal Court? Another episode in this old fashioned sword & sorcery, transgender serial! Just €2.50!

At last, the next volume in the A Different Marriage series. This series is winding down and recahing the conclusion. Only 2 volumes to go, maybe even just one if the end of this long tale can be told in one book. For those subscribers to the newsletter, your discount code for A Different Marriage – June is in the latest edition.

City Life is slightly different from other Femdom novels as it focuses on 4 women who are linked together in some way.

Synopsis of City Life: Clair discovers her husband, Elliot is having an affair with Bronwyn and confides to her next door neighbour and friend, Harriet. They come up with a plan for revenge which doesn’t work out quite as it should and Bronwyn, not liking the role of the “other woman” at all, has to come to terms with her relationship with her best friend, the stunning supermodel, Rhiannon.
“…a little mind control, a pinch of female domination, throw in some chastity belts and some lesbian dilemmas with a little romance and it all comes together in ‘City Life’!”

The first, second and third books in the  transgender serial Tales of Aswin have been released!

Synopsis of the SeriesSorcery is alive in Aswin where monarchs have absolute power and politics is driven by the sword and conquest. In this alternate Earth, Riclamin the Younger, Novice Knight in the legion of Lord Walril undergoes a transformation that leads the Known World of Aswin to a new destiny! From Älvdalen, the northern most province of the kingdom of Everhaven, to the golden capital, Therilia and to the Northern Reaches, this is an epic transgender tale of swords, sorcery, Kings, Queens and Wizards and, of course, romance. An old fashioned sword & sorcery, transgender serial!

All episodes only €2.50!

The first book of  2012 is Cruising is a FemDom novel with a hint of romance!

Synopsis: Albert is broke and adrift in Italy, desperate for a job to get enough money to return home. A young man a long way from home after some time wandering Europe. An opportunity arises where he can find a “special” job on a very special cruise for women only! The big Italian studs are there for the basic carnal pleasure of the passengers but Albert has a chance to earn some money with his tongue! After an audition, he gets a job but one of the passengers intrigues him! (22,838 words €9.00 )

Merry Christmas, Darling  has  been released!A Christmas domination and tease novella with a hint of romance. Jack has always wanted his wife Celeste to play the dominant game but after a few poor attempts, the dream had slipped away. Then, Celeste suddenly morphs into the woman of Jack’s dreams! (18, 431 words €7.00)

Make sure you look at the Christmas Special Offer with all three Christmas books at a special price.

The twelfth volume in the popular A Different Marriage series is now available! Sandra, Tim and Matt are living in the Italian house where some changes are occurring. Edelina and Brigitte face some small changes as well. (24, 357 words €9.10)

Some more points about pictures and copyright updated on the FAQ.

As promised the four eBooks of the Buster Nolan Series is now available.

Synopsis: Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him.
Then, a foolish bet with Pepper Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation!
He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself! (FemDom, chastity belt, humiliation, exhibitionism, cage, bondage, forced femme)

Four novellas available for instant download at €6.50 each with a Discount Buy for the rest of the series.  If, after reading Book 1, you wish to read on, purchase books 2, 3, & 4 at a slightly lower bulk price of €18.00 for the 3 other e-books.  To buy, go HERE!

I am still  interested in your ideas  and feedback regarding the blog, so post a note at the conclusion of this letter.

Have been publishing Female Domination books since 2004 and it may be time to step back for a while.

Thank you for your continued support and, of course, your comments and feedback.

You know how to contact me and it is easy to post a comment on any current post.

Remember, please feel free to comment on any of the posts. As I said, I quite enjoy reading comments from visitors to the blog.

Keep well!

27 Notes News from Carmenica

  1. Please set the blog up so that it will do RSS feeds. I would like to get the regular updates.


    • Just click the RSS logo (top right hand side under the date) and join the others that subscribe via Feedburner.

  2. I cherished the Different Marriage concept from the start. Loved the specialty of such unique bonding. The March episode is again marvelous and the ending is sending shivers over my spine as I can imagine the thrills of Tim being summoned soon to witness and help in any way required for his wife’s/owner’s sexual fulfillment – Carmenica, I am longing for April! Sincerely Yours, servant_of_C

    • Thank you, SoC, so glad you enjoyed March. Am working on April but it is a slow process.

  3. Ich bewundere Sie sehr viel, Fräulein Diaz.

    Ich werde getrunken

  4. Just wondering when the next books are coming out. Thanks.

    • Good question, Tony.
      The next book to be released (in a few days) will be “Political Wife 1, the first volume in a new FemDom series.
      The second book is almost edited and will be released quickly after book 1. Book 3 is being edited now.
      Have also written a novella called “Teaching Tony”.

  5. I feel honored to have my name in one of your books!

  6. Have a great vacation. Hopefully when you return and write the next chapter of A diffeent Marriage it will truly humiliating and painful for Timmy. I also love A political Wife.

    • Thank you, Tony. Will relax for a week before travelling. The holiday will be enjoyable. Glad you are enjoying Politcal Wife.
      The next volume of A Different Marriage is on my “to do” list when I return..

  7. I’ve enjoyed the Politcal Wife series and know I will enjoy the final book. Its good news you are working on A Different Marriage as well.

  8. I just loved volume 5 of the Political Wife series. Please do a volume 6. I started volume 5 and couldn’t put it down! It also appears that you setup for volume 6. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Tony, glad you enjoyed it.
      As for Volume 6 – have a few other projects to finish first but will relook at “Political Wife” later.

  9. In my opinion, your blog is perfect! The selection of 6 new pictures, mixed with 6 old each day is something to look forward to.

    Unlike other web pages by writers, you don’t push your books all the time. Your website has style and substance.

    I enjoy coming here and the layout is, in my opinion, user friendly. In the words of Billy Joel, don’t change things, stay as you are!

  10. Hi Carmenica

    I think the website is great too. I like the way your books show up alongside of photos and pictures with similar content.

    I have recently read ‘A submissive husband’ and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  11. Welcome Back Carmenica!

  12. Congratulations on a great blog!
    So much to look at and so little time! I will come back often. This is a cool place. Nothing like it anywhere else.

  13. My husband suggested a visit here and even suggested books. Deciding to be a contrary person (!) I chose “Teaching Tony” (not one he suggested) and loved it! Boy, could I identify with Ava!!!!! I’m going to explore other books of yours, hoping for more of the same.

  14. I just finished reading the new volume of A Different Marriage. I loved it. It looks like Tim and Sandra may be breaking up. It also looks like Sandra is getting tired of Matt. I can’t wit to see the next volume when Sandra learns that Tim left. Please don’t wait to long to publish it! Thanks.

  15. I loved decline and fall.

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