Christmas Eve (Preview)

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Eve has her younger husband in chastity for a week or two as part of their ongoing D/s games. Eve suggests a game, her variation on the twelve days of Christmas. Each day, Ray will perform 11 tasks until Christmas Eve. If he carries out each task to Eve’s satisfaction, Ray will receive a special reward on Christmas Eve! (Novel 32,308 words)


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Emma and I have been married for nine years. I was twenty-eight years of age on our wedding day while Emma was thirty-three. Not much of an age difference but, at times, that difference seemed to matter to Emma more than it did to me.

She impressed me the first time we met and it did not take long for me to be absolutely smitten by her, as Emma was not like any other woman I had dated.

I know that Emma could not be described as beautiful. Her face is somewhat angular and, on occasions, looked a little tired. However, her figure is devastatingly sexy but that was not the reason I was so smitten.

What was it that made me fall hopelessly in love with her?

It was so simple.

Emma was so easy to talk to! She seemed to know me from our first conversation and, in fact, knew me better than I knew myself.

In the early days of our courtship, Emma loved to talk and, somehow, she managed to get me to open up about myself.

The thing I loved was that Emma was not at all judgemental. I could, I found, tell her anything and this created a deep feeling of safety within our relationship.

With her, I began to see I did not have to “pretend” and could be myself, no matter how vulnerable that made me.

We could discuss things in a deeply intimate fashion that was, at the same time, casual and carefree.

When it was discovered I was barren and unable to father children, Emma was very calm and collected during what I thought would be a terrible discussion.

‘I’m not really interested in more children, Ray,’ she said with a wry smile. ‘Cheryl would say that I am a terrible mother. My only daughter may be right. I’m afraid I’m too selfish.’

I had met Cheryl, Emma’s daughter from her first marriage, at the wedding. She was a bright university student and studied Art History at the Sorbonne so we did not see her often.

Somehow, we sailed through what I thought would be a terrible discussion and, even perhaps, the reason for Emma to leave me.

In fact, we grew even closer and openly discussed everything, even sexual intimacies.

Emma announced she could not orgasm every time we had intercourse but could come if I approached oral sex with an open mind.

I threw myself in to learning how to orally please her and soon I was actually confiding in Emma about my secret obsession, that is, submission and domination.

It was a hallmark of our relationship that Emma took this confession in her stride and soon we were playing “kinky” games.

Emma encouraged me to visit certain websites and soon we were both reading some pretty sensational (at the time) stuff. It was astounding to know that there were many other couples investigating the kinky world of dominance and submission. That comforted both of us and Emma became even bolder in the exploration and role plays.

One particular fetish fantasy appealed to us both – female domination!

For a few years, we experimented in the bedroom and Emma became more and more dominant while I revelled in my submission to her. The sex was exciting and deeply satisfying for me.

I discovered, however, it was not as satisfying for Emma.

One night, we had the talk!

‘Darling,’ Emma said, ‘I enjoy dominating you when we have little fun times. Do you enjoy me dominating you?’

‘You know I do, darling.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m hard just talking about it,’ I admitted with a smile.

‘Naughty boy!’ Emma said, tapping me playfully on the nose. ‘I’m glad it excites you.’

You excite me,’ I said gently and she smiled at me.

‘Would you like to explore it a little more?’

‘Of course.’

‘Wait, Ray. I want to get deeper into a domination lifestyle but I want it to be exactly that!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Weren’t you listening? I want it to be a lifestyle, not a game!’

‘Oh. What does that mean, darling?’

‘I want to dominate you all the time and not just in the bedroom. In other words, I want to be the head of this family,’ Emma said quietly, her eyes holding mine.

My cock throbbed into full stiffness and I swallowed as the exciting prospect of all my fantasies fulfilled dangled in front of me.


‘I understand that you find it fulfilling when I dominate you, darling and, for it to be fulfilling for me, we have to take this from a bedroom game to life!’

I stared at her and managed to say, ‘ah, all right…’

‘All right? You mean that? You want to give up everything to me?’

‘Yes,’ I croaked and Emma smiled broadly.

‘Excellent,’ she said, kissing me.

And so it begun!

We experimented and Emma began taking control in so many ways.

Then, a month ago, she announced that she also wanted to control my cock!

That’s when Emma produced the chastity belt!

I could not argue as I was handcuffed to the bed after some wild sex where I had eaten her to many orgasm before she wanked me with one of her stockings until I spurted wildly.

The device was made of silver metal and Emma giggled as she inserted my now flaccid cock into the tube. As she locked it shut, I watched as she threaded the key onto a chain and looped it around her throat.

‘There,’ Emma said triumphantly, ‘all locked up!’

It was uncomfortable at first and Emma thought it was hilarious that I had to sit down to urinate.

‘I guess the toilet seat will stay down now,’ she chuckled.

Emma allowed me to take the belt off after a few days but insisted I put it back on soon after so I could become used to wearing it. The periods in the belt were much longer than those brief times I was allowed out of it.

She was controlling everything about me, including my orgasms. It both thrilled and frightened me but I could not prevent myself from going along.

As I wore the belt for longer and longer periods, Emma’s dominance over me increased. I enjoyed my powerlessness and went along with everything.

I soon noticed that my licking her to orgasm was becoming more and more regular while my sexual release was becoming rarer.

It was all very exciting to me, but also a little frightening as Emma seemed to be obsessed with dominating me.

Of course, she knew the power of the chastity belt even more than I did.

The longer I went without orgasm, the more aroused and submissive I became. After a time of chastity, I was completely obedient, which she loved.

Constantly aroused, I loved to worship her body! In fact, I begged to do so and Emma loved that!

She relished the licking sessions and I spent hours between her thighs, licking her pussy while my sexual tool was locked and ignored.

Of course I begged for any relief. I pointed out that we had not had sexual intercourse for a while but Emma just shrugged.

‘It’s my decision, darling,’ was all she said.

We didn’t have sex but once a fortnight, Emma allowed me to come. It was the same every time – tied down on the bed while she wanked me after making me beg her to play with my cock.

At night, I dreamed of actually having sex with her again but it seemed Emma did not want it as much as I did!


‘I have a little game in mind, darling,’ Emma announced.

‘G…game?’ I mumbled, looking longingly at her wonderful legs.

‘Yes, darling. Now, can you concentrate?’

‘I…I am…’

‘Look at my face, darling instead of my boobs or legs!’

Face hot, I lifted my face to meet her smiling eyes.

‘From tomorrow, it is exactly twelve days to Christmas Eve. We’re going to play a little game I call the Twelve Days of Christmas. Are you listening, darling?’

‘Y…yes, dear…’

‘Then, look at my face! Goodness, you can’t seem to keep your eyes of my boobs! I shouldn’t have worn such a sheer bra!’

Face burning, I looked up and Emma grinned at me.

‘I will pull the robe tighter around me. There. Boobies gone! Now, look at me! Now!’

I tore my eyes from her legs and looked into my wife’s laughing eyes.

‘Tomorrow morning, I will put eleven gift boxes under the tree. Each day we will open the box for the next day and either you or I will do what the card in the box says. Do you understand, darling?’

‘I…I think so. We do things on the card from each box?’

‘Yes, that’s right. If all the boxes are completed by Christmas Eve, you get the Christmas Eve gift. That gift is not under the tree, darling.’

Her smiling eyes held mine.

‘Do you want to know where your Christmas Eve gift is, darling?’

Wordlessly, I nodded.

‘It’s between my thighs, darling. It’s kitty! It’s been a while since you slipped your little dicky inside pussy. If all the eleven days are completed correctly, you get to slip dicky inside kitty. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, darling?’

‘Oh, yes! Yes, I would!,’ I said happily.

‘And,’ Emma laughed, ‘you’ll get to come inside me! That shouldn’t take too long but you’ll love it!’

‘Oh, yes. Thank you…’

‘There is one important rule, darling. If a task on any day is not completed for any reason…’

‘Why would that happen?’

‘Well,’ Emma said lightly, ‘you might refuse to do what’s on the card. You can refuse, of course but if you do, we don’t go onto the next task and the game stops.’


‘That is the rule, darling,’ Emma said firmly. ‘And if that happened,’ she said airily, fingering the key around her throat, ‘I don’t know when I would unlock you!’

I gulped. The message was loud and clear.

9 Notes Christmas Eve (Preview)

  1. It amazes me how you continue to write such good stories. This one was very enjoyable. Thank you.

  2. Christmas Eve was a funny and sad but, above all, intriguing.
    Ms Diaz, you have taken BDSM erotica to a new level where the characters are very real, very human. I could live next door to Eve and Ray!
    Another great Diaz book for the collection!
    Not knowing your religious affiliations (if any) I still extend Christmas greetings and all the best for the festive season.

  3. Excellent story Ms. Diaz. I love the dominance without excuses (i.e. no cheating, small cock, etc.). Ray should brush up on oral however. He should realize that you need to do other things before and during analingus to make it pleasurable to the woman. He is rightly concerned about his performance for that task, as he could have made it much better.

    Anyway, love the story. As always – more please!

    Anon. Coward.

  4. Great story! Thank you and happy holidays!

  5. Thank you all and happy holidays as well!

  6. I do enjoy most of your writing but really enjoy the lesbian domination. You don’t seem to have written a lot of that particular type of book but what you have written is pure gold! Any chance of any more girl on girl domination?
    Doctor Beaver