Pouting Prudence

‘This is nice,’ Prudence purred, wriggling against me in the front seat of the car.
It was very nice indeed.
Prudence was delicious and not at all, I found, a prude in any sense. Prudence was, in the words of the itinerant mail-boy who pushed the trolley between corporate floors, a horny little slut who looked like she could suck your cock through your trousers!
It was an accurate description. Dark hair, red lips that always pouted and a slow wriggling walk that brought instant sensations to every watching man’s cock.
Prudence was a goddess and an immediate target for the dark suited execs from the top floor who swarmed around her like bees, inviting her on dates or drives in their sports cars while she simpered and giggled, slyly placing her arms to her sides to push her large breasts forward.
I called her Prudence the Pout . She was always pouting those plump red lips and once, when she licked them in the crowded lift, I swear I heard old Murphy from marketing groan!
Prudence the Pout.
How did I, an articled clerk in legal come to her attention? How did I get to be in the front seat of a car with all the windows fogged and her hot hand lightly touching my aching cock through my trousers?
She asked me out.
I’ll say it again – she asked me out!
Me! Two years younger, still fighting a guerrilla war against the odd terrorist pimple and wore thick glasses and a badly fitting suit.
I was seated in the canteen, half-eaten sandwich wrapped in paper on the plastic table top and wading through an application for registration of a trademark in the E.E.C.
I looked up and Prudence smiled at me, leaning forward so her breasts pushed against her blouse. Her bra, I noticed from it’s outline, had a lot of lace. ‘It is Ian, isn’t it?’
‘Ah, yes…it is…Ian Cuthbert, actually.’ I adjusted my glasses and blinked at her.
Was Prudence the Pout really talking to me?
I looked around and saw a group of her co-workers looking at me and some blokes from Product Fulfilment at another table.
‘You look terribly busy,’ she said and pouted.
‘Me? No…no of course not…just some…’
‘It all looks terribly important,’ she said as she sat down, her perfume washing over me. ‘Do you mind if I sit?’ Prudence quickly asked.
‘Mind? No…no…of course…not…if you want…’
‘You’re one of those legal eagles, aren’t you?’ she asked with a small smile which became another pout. God, she’s beautiful and so sexy!
‘Eagle? Ah…I’m just…’
‘I do like men who are intelligent, use their brains instead of their muscles,’ she said with a glance at a crew from Warehouse and Logistics who had just arrived in their blue uniforms. ‘It’s rather sexy,’ she said with a shy smile which morphed into another pout.
‘Sexy?’ I stuttered and she smiled again.
‘Very, actually. I’m Prue…’
‘I know,’ I said quickly.
‘You do? How sweet. Ian,’ she said slowly, ‘perhaps one night we could have a drink or got see a film, something? If you’re not busy,’ she said quickly and then appeared immediately concerned. ‘Oh cripes, you’ve probably got a girlfriend!’
She appeared stricken and I rushed to say, ‘me? No…no…I don’t…’
‘You don’t?’ She smiled with relief. ‘I thought for a minute I made a total ass of myself.’
How could a woman like that even think I would have a girlfriend?
She moved even closer and for some stupid reason, I felt myself blush.
‘Do you have a local?’ she coyly asked.
Me, drink at the pub with the lads? Hardly! They’d have a few lagers and pick on me, kick me up the street and down again, just for fun. No, I kept well away from pubs!
‘Ah…no…I don’t…’
Prudence smiled and ran her tongue over those plump lips. ‘I usually go for a drink sometimes after work at Cafe Plus. Do you know where that is?’
‘Ah…yes…I think so…’
‘Meet there this evening, straight after work?’
‘It’s Tuesday,’ I said stupidly.
‘Don’t you want to have a little drink with me?’ Prudence pouted.
‘Yes…yes…of course.’
‘See you at six,’ she said with a smile and wriggled her way back to the group of girls.

Two drinks and we were in Prue’s car, kissing like wild animals. I’d like to say it was my idea but it wasn’t, she dragged me by the hand, pushed me into the car and thrust her tongue in my mouth.
My cock was hard and throbbing, I had never kissed a woman like her before – hardly any women actually – and it was so exciting!
‘This is nice,’ Prudence purred, wriggling against me in the front seat of the car, finally stopping for breath.
‘Yes,’ I croaked, my mouth dry and my cock hard.
‘I like you, Ian,’ she whispered, pushing her breasts against me.
‘I like you,’ I said hoarsely.
Prudence looked down at my hard cock, plainly visible in the light of the nearby street lamp and grinned. ‘I can see that,’ she said slyly, running her fingernail over my trousers and down the length of my pulsing cock. I nearly came.
My breathing was loud in the car and Prudence kissed me again, her flesh hot against mine and I heard a little moan, suddenly realising it was me!
‘Ian,’ she whispered, ‘do you want to go out with me?’
‘Yes,’ I instantly replied in my ruptured voice, ‘of course.’
‘Friday?’ her finger traced my cock again and I nodded quickly.
‘Good.’ She kissed me once again. ‘Friday it is. Ian,’ Prudence began.
‘Do you masturbate?’
I gasped, my burning face was, I was sure, luminous and I stuttered, ‘what? I mean…’
‘Ian,’ Prudence said evenly, ‘I know all boys do it. They can’t keep their hands off it and that’s all right, I suppose.’ Prudence stared at me and said firmly, ‘but not when they have a girlfriend.’
‘Girlfriend?’ I stuttered.
‘Yes,’ she said patiently, ‘it’s like cheating. Do you see that?’
‘Well…yes…I suppose…’
‘It should be the girlfriend who gives the nice little wank, shouldn’t it?’
She’s going to wank me!
I wanted to sing and dance down the street. A sexy woman was going to play with my cock! I had dreamed of this and now, was it really going to happen?
Prudence kissed my cheek and gave my hard cock a little pat. ‘Friday?’
She’s not going to do it!
‘I’ll show you a little surprise then,’ Prudence said with a wink, ‘if you’re good. Now,’ she said, starting the car, ‘I have to get home to see my dad. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.’
She kissed me again and I slowly got out of the car, my hard cock rubbing against my trousers. ‘Remember,’ she said, head out the window, ‘no cheating!’

I found it difficult to sleep that night but I resisted temptation. Wednesday was busy and I only saw Prudence once and that was mid-afternoon.
She suddenly pounced on me when I was carrying some files down the hall and dragged me into a vacant office. Before I could resist, Prue had me pressed against the bare desk and was kissing me madly. My cock, instantly swollen, pushed against my trousers.
‘You’re so delicious,’ Prue whispered, pressing against me.
‘So are you,’ I croaked.
She patted my cock through my trousers, smiled and left me with my raging erection. It was strange but I didn’t worry.
I had a girlfriend!

My cock seemed to be permanently hard and I wanted Thursday to vanish altogether so Friday would arrive but, of course it didn’t. Instead it dragged on but at least I saw Prue at morning tea where she smiled at me, rubbed against me and grinned when she saw the outline of my hard cock in my trousers.
‘Friday,’ she whispered.
The same thing happened at lunch and she pounced on me again that afternoon so I went home with a throbbing cock, wondering if I could get through the night without wanking.

Friday, at last!
I waled into the cafeteria at lunch time, looking around hungrily for Prue and immediately saw her seated with her friends. She waved and I shyly walked up to the table. Prue didn’t introduce me and slid down a little on the bench so I could sit down.
The other girls stared at me silently, watching me and I felt nervous but Prue slid close to me and put one arm around my shoulders and rested her other hand in my lap.
Silently, she kissed me, softly at first and then harder while her finger stroked my cock through my trousers.
God, stop! I’m going to come in my pants!
‘Prue…’I croaked and those big eyes twinkled at me, her finger slowly scratching my cock and she kissed me again.
It was too much, her insistent finger and the days of teasing and abstinence were proving too much!
As Prue broke the kiss I shuddered, on the verge, unable to stop and I felt the first quivers of my orgasm.
I was coming in my trousers, in front of these girls!
Prudence had slid away from me, leaving me alone and exposed on the bench under the watchful eyes of the giggling girls as I shuddered and ejaculated in my trousers.
I slumped forward as I spurted, filling my trousers and underpants with stickiness, my face burning and alive with shame.
Through my fog of humiliation I heard Prudence say gleefully, ‘I told you I could do it! Pay up, Connie!’
It had all been a wager, a silly bet between cruel girls!
My face bright red and hot, the front of my trousers stained and wet, I rushed from the table and ran from the cafeteria, their laughter ringing in my ears.

The weeks that followed were hell. All the women in the company knew that I had ejaculated into my trousers in the cafeteria when Prudence kissed me. The men also found out but much slowly and were too embarrassed to say anything to me.
I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I went about my work and I basically retreated to the Legal Department, eating at my desk and avoiding everyone.
The girls in the department were nice but I kept away from them, so sure they were always talking about me. I found another position with a company across the city and resigned.
The head of the department agreed not to publicly announce my departure and one Friday I walked out of the building, never to return.
But I never forgot Prudence or her pout.

First Published 2004

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