Sea Cruise

Sea Cruise is available now.

Synopsis: Leon Spencer is a womanising Sales Manager for a large corporation. For some time, he has been living the good life with wine, women and song. He was successful at selling but not so good at the paperwork or regulations. When Eve Rowland, the new Senior Regulatory Manager uncovers some of Leon’s misdeeds and tells him he could be allowed to resign instead of being sacked! If he would do just one thing…
A fun and romantic story with some light elements of female domination.


I like women!

Most blokes do, I suppose, but I love women! Love them all as long as they’re young and beautiful!

I can’t have enough of young, supple, gorgeous women!

And I don’t!

The simple fact is that I have no trouble getting women as most young woman find me attractive!

Well, let’s be honest! They find me devastatingly handsome! Many have murmured that I should be a movie star!

I know women complain about men, moan that we’re shallow, that we only want to bonk! You’ve read the magazines and probably caught a blast from a woman on that subject at some time in your life.

Let’s just accept blokes are shallow but, let me tell you, women can be very shallow as well. It’s not only blokes that are immediately attracted to beautiful, sexy persons of the opposite sex! Girls are just as easily attracted! A smile, a small, sly wink and they are dumping their boyfriends to slide into the seat next to mine, mentally loosening the elastic of their knickers!

Not only am I very good looking, I have money! Money is a big aphrodisiac on its own but add good looks to it and girls will drop their knickers in a flash.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich! I am a senior executive in a very successful media marketing company. Thankfully, there are staff to look after the boring administration stuff while I handle the clients where I make good loot!

So, you can see the formula.

Reasonably young, handsome, successful, wealthy and with real fashion style!

Irresistible to women!

I’m not a kinky bloke, just straight bonking will do me and most women can’t wait to slurp their lips around my cock!

All of them, of course, think they’re the one to stop my philandering ways and get me to settle down.

They always think they’re the first to point out that I am thirty and should begin thinking about settling down! Whoever said women are smarter than men!

That is pure bollocks!

Women, I’ve discovered, don’t really have a sense of humour. Or, at least they don’t joke about marriage!

That’s the biggest joke of all! Me? Married? Pull the other leg, mate!

That is just bloody insane!


I parked my BMW in my private parking space and bounded towards the lift.

Another day and another squillion pounds!

Or something like that!

The lift stopped at the ground floor and young women piled in.

‘Good morning, Mister Spencer,’ they chirped and some of the really sexy, beautiful ones gave me the “look”!

You blokes know the look that women give you when they’re keen to get to know you, keen to get close to you!

Keen to date you!

Suppose some women get that look from other women as well but let’s not go there!

Right from the start, women and I are on different wavelengths! They want a date to “get to know me”, to see if I am “the one” while I just want to bonk them!

I want to bang their cute little arses until the cows came home! As you can see, I am but a simple soul! Shallow as a soup bowl!

‘Good morning, girls,’ I replied, switching on my trademark smile. The dentistry had cost my parents a lot but it was worth it!

They all smiled back at me and fluttered.

Flutter – that’s what I call it when a bunch of girls all preen and quiver in the hope of getting the attention of the target bloke.

Target bloke, you ask? Oh yes, women hunt! Don’t let anyone tell you different a story!

And they are ruthless!

There have been fights (hair pulling, scratching, slapping) in the female bathroom over me while I sat in the restaurant sipping wine, wondering which one was going to win and bloody disappointed I couldn’t watch the scrap.

I smiled at the girls, wondering which one I would focus on and almost called one of them “love” until I remembered the latest directive from Human Resources.

The fat bitch in HR had warned the senior executives against calling the female staff “girls” or “love”. I had only heard of her and the general opinion amongst the office blokes was that she was just one of those big women who can’t get a man so I ignored her.

Besides, the girls did not seem to mind.

‘Another day in the salt mines, eh girls?’

They all tittered and jostled to get a little closer to me. The blonde one used her elbows to slyly push her tits together so I got an eyeful when I looked down her blouse.

She could be one to watch.

‘What’s your name, love?’

‘Lois,’ she simpered while the other girls shot her daggers, thinking I didn’t notice.

‘Lois? As in Lois Lane? Well, Lois, I’ve been called Superman once or twice.’

The girls all giggled at my joke and I left them laughing as the lift door opened at the main office.

‘Good morning, girls,’ I greeted the office staff and most smiled and waved.

The ones that didn’t wave were the girls I had already dated. They were always pissed at me when I dumped them once I had bonked them.

There is, I believe, no understanding the thought processes of women! If they weren’t built differently, blokes would have nothing to do with them!

My personal assistant, Sally was waiting for me when I finally walked to my office.

‘Leon,’ she said sharply, ‘you’re late again!’

Only Sally could talk to me that way! She was at least ten years older than I was and was kind of like the mother figure of the office. My charm and good looks were completely ineffective with her but she was very good at her job.

‘Sorry, it was unavoidable,’ I lied ‘What’s up?’

‘Mister Wilson wants you.’

‘Shite! Why didn’t you say? When does he want to see me?’


‘Fuck, I’m late?’

‘Get up to his office as quick as you can!’

Wilson owned the company and, although the executive team hardly saw him, he was the one with the most power. He had actually begun the business twenty years ago and was officially semi-retired but the gossip was that Randolph Wilson knew everything that was going on in the company!

To be summoned to his suite was either a good thing – promotion and lavish congratulations – or a bad thing – dismissal!

‘Go in,’ Sean, Wilson’s assistant grunted as I almost ran to his desk. ‘He’s waiting for you.’

Fuck, this just gets worse!

Nervously, I tapped on the open door and smiled at Mister Wilson who was sprawled on a long leather sofa, flicking through a music magazine. There was a strong rumour that Randolph Wilson had invested in a music distribution business but no one knew for sure what he did with his buckets of money.

‘You…you wanted to see me, Mister Wilson?’

He looked up and frowned at me.

‘I did, Spencer, but that was ten minutes ago!’

He always used surnames as if we were all in the posh boarding school he probably went to.

Probably buggered senseless while there as well.

‘I had a problem getting to work, Mister Wilson. Sorry I was late…’

‘Others may fall for your particular line of horse manure, Spencer, but not I. Come in!’

Wilson moved to the large antique desk and sat behind it.

The desktop was absolutely bare. Just polished timber. No papers, pens, computer, anything!


‘Spencer,’ he said calmly. ‘I hear you have not been following process?’

‘Ah…I’m not sure what you are…’

‘You section is the only one that has not submitted a report for the company wide Quality Process and Financial Compliance review.’

Shite! What the fuck was that?

‘Ah, I’ll get right onto it…’

‘Don’t be a complete idiot, Spencer! You don’t do the report! The report is compiled by our Director of Policy, Human Resources and Compliance, Eve Rowland.’

I blinked at him and wondered what to say.


‘I understand that you have refused access to Ms Rowland and her staff?’


‘Have you?’

‘I’m not completely sure…’

‘It appears that you issued a directive to your staff not to talk to Ms Rowland or her staff?’

‘There…there must be a mistake…’

‘Oh, let me tell you, Spencer,’ Wilson said with a strange smile, ‘you have made a mistake. A big mistake!’

I gulped and wondered what Wilson was going to do.

‘Spencer,’ he said calmly, ‘good looking, charming sales men are everywhere. I can always find another one. They’re easy to find but finding people like Eve Rowland is near impossible!’

He frowned at me.

‘Just to get her here, I had to pay a sign on fee, Spencer! And then, meet her salary demands!’


Fuck, a sign on fee? I never got a sign on fee! Who is this bitch?’

‘I don’t expect you to understand but our share value rests on having a strong process and compliance focus! Having someone like Eve Rowland as a Director goes over quite well with the market! Do not piss her off!’

I gulped again and blinked at Wilson.

‘Of course not, sir. There must have been an error…’

‘Do not lay on the bollocks, Spencer! I expect to see a directive to your people to open everything up to Ms Rowland and her staff. Is that understood?’

‘Ah…y…yes, Mister Wilson…’

‘Now, get out! I have real business to do!’

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One Note Sea Cruise

  1. I really enjoyed this. The dialogue was sparkling and the main character was strong and the female was also different.
    The story is different from your usual FemDom yarns but still enjoyed it. The licking scene was hot!