Lingerie Noir

Jeanloup Sieff
In 1970, he photographed Yves Saint Laurent nude for an advertisement. Apparently, the photo was quite scandalous for its time. If you are terribly brave, you can see the photo here!

One Note Lingerie Noir

  1. I took my courage in both hands and followed Carmenica’s link …
    It is worthwhile pausing for a moment to reflect on how far attitudes have changed when a nude
    YSL , his modesty protected by wreaths of dark shadows, was thought to be pushing the boundaries of decency.
    When The Joy of Sex was published in 1972, the author and publisher believed there was a serious risk book would be seized by the UK authorities as ‘indecent’ and themselves prosecuted for ‘obscenity’, so to reduce the risk the illustrations used were drawings and paintings instead of photographs.

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