Will it Fit?

Will it fit? Yes, it will! A teaser for tomorrow! Source: Femdom Empire.

4 Notes Will it Fit?

  1. Some things are wrong … just fuckin wrong, that human being will need to wear a nappy for the rest of his fucked up life , all because a short time fetish caused him to stretch his arse to the size oh the Mersey Tunnel , for fuck’s sake ,could he not have taken the ferry .


  2. I think Jed has put his finger on it!
    I am all for ambitious exploits but you do want to live to fight another day

  3. Loving you’er answer Phil, what was the Question… It’s been a long weekend .. And just for you’er imfo no fingeers where a bat would fit . Grado Grado Grado now you can goggle what nonsense relay is .. you don’t have to watch but by fuck it’s funny
    try youtube https://youtu.be/xBtGFaa0idY



  4. I will put no finger on anything a bat could fly up .. or roost in ‘

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