Now What?

She’s considering her next move?
The perspective seems a little off in this photo. Or, is that just me? (Origin unknown)

3 Notes Now What?

  1. Yes I agree, the perspective is way off. the bonzi tree gives the show away. Starman

  2. Perspective is not ‘off’, it’s a slightly tilted forward camera and a non-rectangular wide angle lens, IMO. Notice the verticals (window edges) above the center of vision depart from parallel in accelerating curves. The Domme’s legs also may be evidence of the altered perspective. Small spaces require creative use of available equipment. Original image may have been cropped at the bottom, from the straight floor lines.

  3. Hmm – i still could imagine she has been put into the picture later – for me she seems out of scale a bit and i am not so sure about the light on her compared to the rest.

    The other elements fit – the folding screen is usually supposed to be body height – and it perfectly fits to the size of the bed and the man on top. also the tops of the windows usually are not below the average size. — so everything fits well 8if You compare the size of the man to the bed, the screen and the window – just the woman looks a bit too huge (try to put her on the bed in Your mind)
    The other option would be that the room and decoration is weird a bit 😉