Bondage & Strap-On

I assume that is a cane of some description in her mouth? Sometimes, I envy those hair styles. Perhaps, I envy more the courage. I would not have the courage to go that short. (Origin unknown.)

6 Notes Bondage & Strap-On

  1. We should meet Big C. I would build you’er confidence allow you to grow into you’er new hair style ….. or keep you in bed till it grows back and yes I know the script sexy 😉

  2. Some women can look absolutely stunning with shaven heads or the marginally less ambitious No.1 buzz cuts.
    For best effect, the shave-ee should have a symmtrical cranium which is slightly broader above the ears and with ears which are tight against the side of the skull.
    Finally, carefully shaped eyebrows are crucial …
    Of course, it is a bit of a ‘leap’ into uncharted territory but on the other hand, hair grows pretty fast and one week after shaving, you will be back to a ‘No.1’ and a month after that, you will look like someone with a stylish short cut.
    Maybe next time you are away from home for a couple of weeks, give it a go?

  3. I don’t think I could do it. I complain about my hair but to cut it all off?

    • Hair is funny stuff.
      If its long, some say it shoud be short.
      If its short, others say it should be long.
      If it is curly, some say it should be streight
      If is streight, others say it should be curly
      And I havn’t even mentioned colour …

      And now returning to the question of the moment, I would not wish to persuade you against your better judgement, but (in my experience) hair grows back pretty fast!

  4. Hair today goon tomorrow or …..