Vintage Fantasy by Frank De Mulder
And wearing high heels to sleep or masturbate always enhances the experience! 🙂

One Note Fantasy

  1. While i do agree that wearing shoes in bed is probably not the best thing to do (unless You are doing a photoshooting where it seems to be a must have) my experience about enhancing experience is not so clear 😉

    This is not about the heels themselves but about the stretching of the feet (so the heels show above will not do much i guess). As there are women where stretching the feet in a position a high heel would do actually DOES enhance arousal or related feeling. There are theories that these muscles are stretched during female orgasm – but i do not think this is the reason men find it attractive. Still – if this is true or not – there stays my personal experience that putting a female’s feet into this stretch CAN do something good on at least some women.
    Of course for that some tight boot or similar is better – it needs to be something that forces the stretching…

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