At the Opera

Raffaele Marinetti
Raffaele is a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Naples, Italy, who creates digital paintings principally for private commissions but also for books, magazines covers, advertising, comic books etc.
His favourite quote is “Be A Light To Yourself” (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

3 Notes At the Opera

  1. Victor Borge, the Danish-American musician and comic raconteur used to say that the intervals were the best parts of an opera but after seeing this, well … I dunno about that anymore …

    • 🙂

      In addition this is a wonderful idea feeding fantasy – i guess i will never regard the opera as innocent as i did before (especially on my next visit) 🙂

      • There is a rich history in literature and film of sensual and other events occurring at the opera. I have never noticed as I am usually fascinated by the performance. Or in tears. 😉