Heel & Knickers

Nicole Vaunt’s foot plays with the hem of Sugar Pepper Jones’ dress. Photograph by Corwin Prescott

One Note Heel & Knickers

  1. I like this image!
    It has clever composition, choice of colours and humour which always lifts a BDSM image.
    I am thinking of the casual way the Domme (we can assume) visible only as a leg and shoe has used her heel to cheekily lift the hem of the subs dress, to show attractive panties and a tight bum.
    The subs face is serene, not drawn and anxious about the humiliation and perhaps there is no humiliation, onlyaconfident statement of her inclinations …

    Corwin Prescott’s site is also well worth visiting. There are not many models (I guess) who can relax on ice from a frozen river whilst the photographer composes and takes the shot!