Mistress Diana teasing in fishnet stockings. See all the pictures here!

2 Notes Fishnets

  1. Fishnet stockings do not usually set my heart racing but here, the model also wears a fishnet body and fishnet gloves – so this is definitely ‘interesting’.
    Once more, I really like the colours shown in this image: threblack of the model’s shoes, the chair and the background; the warm honey tones of her skin and the bright white contrasting pillows.
    Thought and imagination have been used.

    • Do agree with Your opinion on the composition of this – really nice.

      On the other hand i really do like fishnet and always have wondered why it works the way it does. There is of course that theory of ‘optical work’ making things more interesting as the fovea can fix on every point (which it could not due with uniform colored planes) but for me this is not really satisfying…

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