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  1. I am afraid this image crosses a line for me.

    There is something about casual brutality which is always ugly, in spite of the smiles on view.
    What if the roles were reversed and a large strong man was punching one of the women on her breast hard enough to knock her off her feet and smiling as he did so?
    Would it be acceptable, even if it was consensual?

    Of course, the whiole BDSM enterprise involves discomfort and perhaps even cruelty of a kind but in the most erotic examples, the cruelty is redeemed by elegance, indeed by love on occasions and the suffering of the sub never seems casual or exploitative.

    • There are sites where there is casual brutality to women. And, sadly, real violence in the world against women is meted out on a casual basis.
      It is an unfortunate reality all women feel unsafe on a day to day basis. Men do not.
      Domestic violence, rape, unprovoked attacks, verbal assaults, prejudice, sexual threats are the part of the “normal” reality for women. Men do not face this. In fact, they are, usually, the cause.
      In films, actors do not actually punch or kill each other. It is the same in this site. All of the femdom sites are professionally produced make believe violence.
      Sadly the day to day violence against women is not make believe.

      • Dear Carmenica
        Just try and read “L’homme battu”, written by a lady psychologist. This study reveals that violence against males is more common than people believe. But males are ashamed to reveal it openly.

        • That is true. However, the estimates are 1 in 5 for men in a domestic situation, women 3 in 5. That is an estimate for both because there is not a willingness to report all cases as you say. Still, when coupled with workplace and society abuse, women are twice as likely (perhaps more) to face violence than men. Added to that, much of the violence men face outside of a domestic situation is from other men!
          The book is probably interesting. However, there have been countless books about violence against women over the years and most have been ignored by society and men.

          • Have you ever been kicked till you could not stand
            I have .. Did It kill my spirit , Not so much
            Don’t Talk till you can walk the walk … Violence is unacceptable against every one I am very lucky, because Carmenica tolerates my ignorance (so far), Violence against women Is my biggest Hate I have two sisters .

      • “L’homme battu” was published in 2003. Its author was Sophie Torrent.

  2. Such ladies belong to a psychiatric institute…

  3. I agree with Phil this did not sit well with me. It did look like and is obviously staged but not everyone is smart enough to know where to draw the line . Extreme violence against anyone should not be acceptable .

    A long time ago when watching a Violent film with my mum ….she said
    it’s okay if they deserve it πŸ™‚ think she kept something back from me. Wish I knew who dig up and …..