Fetish Fashion

Not an outfit you could just slip on! And it’s an outfit destined for the bedroom only. Oh, unless you wore it to a munch or some other fetish gathering?
She has taken care, though. The choice of ear-rings are perfect for the outfit. And I am a little envious of the mirror. What a lovely frame! I want it. (Origin unknown.)

6 Notes Fetish Fashion

  1. There seems to be some crazy looking masks/head wear, one with ears and large hose attached….and the wallpaper is a different colour and pattern in the mirror.;-) I think the munch will cum to Her.
    Just an observation ;-0

  2. This is an impressive outfit – like it πŸ™‚

    @Jed: i can imagine You are right – not so much because of the wallpaper which could be different on a different wall opposite – but because of the reflection itself. You can see her left eye completely in th eoriginal – but still a bit of it in the reflection. Also i think it is very difficult to get all the shadows and all parts nice in original and reflection.
    So i could imagine it is two photos of the same shoot – and one is used for the reflection – it is just easier that way πŸ˜‰

    Another evidence is that the photographer looks straight into the mirror – so he must see himself and not the model that is at an angle πŸ˜‰ — to have the model in the mirror it would have to have an angle just in the middle…

    But we are used to ‘cheats’ like this and i do think they are ok if they help to create a nice photo like this (after all it was a way to show us the great frontside appearence of the outfit ;-))

  3. I was also going to mention the two different colours of wall paper …
    I like the colours shown in this image very much.
    I wonder, was the colour of the wallpaper around the mirror (which is very attarctive, as Carmenica mentions) altered to compliment the skin tone of the model and the gold of the mirror frame?

  4. Geramdrir …. please take this with the pinch of salt that is intended, I agree with you’er analyses but you’er sexist comment about HE must see himself in the mirror (the vampire) suggests women
    and hermaphrodite folk can’t work a camera .

    • Ok, point taken. I’m paying to this attentin more and more in the meantime but confess i tend to get lazy as every written word gets longer and less readable. Would be happier if everybody could take all expressions as being used for all sexes possible πŸ˜‰
      Btw. i used he as photogrpaher is a male word in my language – we have three sexes in the langauge (male/female/neztral) and since last week also possible in our passports i guess after a decision of the high court which allows the use of a neutral sex if You do not want to be male or female.
      I do think this is a good thing (as apart from teh people feeling like the other sex there are even some that have both sexes in them) – but if we do not find a nice solution for our common language it will get more and more complicated πŸ˜‰

      Apart from that i must say that i am not even sure that the mirror really exists. It is different left and right (ornaments but also the border) and it is a bit even for my eyes. So i would not be surprised if it were some 3D works and the whole picture a fine and well made photoshop result πŸ™‚