And it seems it was posted at House of Gord? I suspect that site was not the origin of this artwork. I also don’t know if this is Simon Benson. It is not the style of Roger Benson.

One Note BDSM

  1. This is a rather misogynistic image made so by the expression of the male character as much as anything else.
    He has the face typical of someone who enjoys power over others with little sense of any accompanying empathy.
    It makes me want to beam into the picture like some sort of Captain Kirk , floor him with a right hook and release the captives.
    However, I guess this sort of image is not to be taken too seriously, but I have seem that sort of face before …
    As far as the artist is concerned, I agree with Carmenica that it does not have the Roger Benson style.
    There is a larger collection of ‘Benson’ images (including this one) on the site (look for the ‘Non-JG-L Art’ tab and you will find Benson on page 8. JG-L has nothing further to say about the artist.