Oops! Wrong Change Room?

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  1. This might be a more common predicament than you think.
    A few months ago, the maintenance people at the gym I use had to flip the male and female changing rooms for a day.
    To be fair, they put up a notice on the doors at eye level to say
    However, if you have pitched up for 06:00, you are pretty well on automatic pilot at that time in the morning and I believe one or two guys almost walked in on a room of girls – and vice versa.
    Did this raise spirits? Hard to say!

    • And no one “accidentally on purpose” walked into the wrong room? 🙂

      • Ha! Incomplete information I am afraid.
        Real world, we do all want to be polite to our fellow members.
        Each changing room is protected by an outer door and an inner door acrosss a small lobby.
        As I recall, there were notices on both doors but I think quite a few people were in the lobby (confession: me included) before they realised what lay beyond …