I am not sure if this is art or simply photo manipulation. Perhaps both.
A reader sent me several femdom pictures with the watermark Gerte Klöppner. All I could discover was a deactivated Tumblr site under that name.
Is it the artist or simply the name of the old website?
A mystery. Is there someone who can be Sherlock and solve the puzzle of Gerte Klöppner?

4 Notes Hanging

  1. I can’t help you with the name, Carmenica but I think this is a photo-manipulation.
    The upside down sub is completely out of proportion to the Domme.
    Also, the way he has been suspended (surely a point of interest in the composition) is completely out of shot.

  2. Gerte Klöppner illustrations if art or not are all photo-manipulations with the artist himself acting as domme and in most cases as sub, using faces found in public sources like TV or magazines for the domme.
    He avoids Facebook and Twitter, and performed on flickr,tumblr and pinterest until he left disapointed by the politics of these platforms and companies.