Could not identify her but nice leather skirt and top.

One Note Queened

  1. The skirt and top is very nice, in fact I would wear them myself if I coud get away with it but there are many other features of this image which make it very satisfying.
    It has been made in pleasant surroundings: the opulent room and outside, a mature garden. The fine quality display cabinet with interesting things inside. The picture with colours which compliment the cabinet and the curtains and finally, a comfortable carpet.
    This does not look like a ‘set’ to me and I wonder if we are gazing at the house owner and her boy?
    Finally, I began to wonder where in the world it might be. The red floor tiles may be a clue.
    Too cold for Scandinavia but practical for southern France or Spain.
    Sigh! We will probably never know!