Strap-On Diva

Origin unknown.

3 Notes Strap-On Diva

  1. her expression is priceless 😉

    • I know what you mean, Geramdrir.

      I wondered if the dildo had been added by someone else but can’t see any telltale signs. However, I’m not an expert.

      • I am quite sure You are right with the dildo being added later. Not only her expression that seems to indicate she is looking at someone or something that generates it..

        But the light on the dildo is wrong: You have a highlight on the upper left – that is not there on her, so woudl need an invisible lightsource in teh middle. Also the speculars on the right side look strange as it is not clear what could be reflected there (certainly not her leg). So the photo of the dildo was rather made on a shiny surface (glass?) with some direct light coming from upper left (and mybea fill light from the right).
        Anyway it feels wrong but this could be the explanation why it does.