Still Life

Origin unknown.

One Note Still Life

  1. Thank you Carmenica for a very satisfying image full of colourful contrasts, each of which has a story to tell.

    This image has been carefully thought about and everything about it is good – it has almost been ‘written’ as much as it has been photographed.
    My eye was caught by –
    The cool neutral backgrounds the man and the woman have been posed against which serves to highlight the colorful clothes they wear but it seems to me that each color carries a message.
    The attitude of the woman – strong and balanced compared with the supine and subjugated pose of the man.
    She has striking black hair; he has less assertive brown hair.
    Her shirt has very strong bold colors; his, a gentler composition of yellow and white.
    Her dark blue skirt is shot through with glowing reds and yellows; his blue jeans are plain and modest.
    Her socks are yellow, brighter than his shirt; his socks, a modest plain white.
    And through the window, the moon gazes down upon them.

    In a nutshell: a clever, subtle Femdom statement.
    What a pity the origin is unknown: whoever put this together deserves recognition and celebration.