Ready to Discipline

Lady Sonia and an interesting outfit.

2 Notes Ready to Discipline

  1. i swear, it’s like they grab first year fashion design students, so much the better if they’ve n ever seen a naked woman, and said “Here, design something edgy in leather,” and then take whatever designs the kids come up with and that’s what they send to the floor.

    “OOh, extra points if it looks like Xena, the warrior princess would wear it,” or “Yes, lots of buckles and straps,” or “Not bad, but add some spikes in an inconvenient place,” and especially “No, no, it needs more chains.”

    A while back I started a Tumblr blog just to showcase this kind of thing, but it’s too depressing to keep up with because they take beautiful women (like Lady Sonia, for instance) and insist on putting those ridiculous outfits on them.

    And don’t even get me started on the glaringly poor grammar, spelling, and usage in captioned pictures…

    • Tom, thank you for the link. Your blog is hilarious and, (a little sadly), so true!

      You highlight many fetish fashion horrors I have also seen over the years. Why accumulate an expensive fetish wardrobe, dress the model, make-up and hair styled and then photograph in an untidy bedroom? Or, as you so succinctly said, on a plastic lawn chair or a toilet! 🙁

      However, I am sure I have also committed mistakes in captions. 🙁 I do have an excuse as English is my third language. 😉